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Father Avalanche - 2014-05-24

So nostalgic for my formative years.

EvilHomer - 2014-05-24

Fuck Lal. Seriously. Oh sure, he talks a mean game, and I agree with many of the things he says. But make no mistake, that sanctimonious asshole has only one thing on his mind: his own power. "Freedom is great, so long as it's on Lal's terms!"

Here I am, running a Freemarket Knowledge-based Democracy, and you're gonna call UN Sanctions on ME? Oh sure, we were buddies a couple turns ago, you loved it when I was fighting Yang's commie horde so you didn't have to, but the moment *I* get the majority vote in the Planetary Senate, ohhh, here come the UN "Peacekeepers", to keep the "peace"! "You've been conducting experiments into retroviral technology!" even though I haven't. Or rather, I have, but I haven't fucking used any of my retroviral bioweapons, nor any of my nerve-gas pods for that matter, even though my Katana mk3 assault choppers have been secretly outfitted with them for decades. DECADES.

Lal can go shove his pretty progressive-libertarian speeches right up his mag exhaust. He's a neoliberal bully and a hypocritical, would-be autocrat.

BUBBLES! FETCH ME MY PLANET BUSTERS! We've got a war to end!!!

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2014-05-24

Five stars for reminding us that mediocre voice acting in vidya games is mediocre.

Shanghai Tippytap - 2014-05-24

Alpha Centauri is still one of the greatest games ever made, even though the voice acting is horrendous and the cutscenes look like stock footage montages.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2014-05-24

Very true. A lot of the Civ games relied on (I think) stock footage/photos for their Wonders of the World and so forth through at least Civ III.

Doomstein - 2014-05-24

Nah, Civ I had everything hand-drawn/animated. I used to love the animation of the armies marching though the conquered cities, and it's something I really miss, along with palace-building, and a bunch of other really cool stuff. In Civ II they started using more stock pictures, and switched to using FMV for the advisors.

Lurchi - 2014-05-29

I never got this project

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