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Desc:Trigger Warning: It's heartbreaking.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Transformers, dub, headmasters, darn it!, generic 5th tag
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Comment count is 17
"Come and help me somebody quickllleeeeeeeeeuuuurrrrrrr...."

Caminante Nocturno
I want those to be my last words.

Jet Bin Fever
I don't know if it counts as "death" if you're a robot. I think it would be something like "destruction" or "deactivation." Yes, I know they're aliens that took the shape of vehicles, but STILL.
The robots are gonna throw that quote right back in our faces when the wars starts.

Innocent Bystander
Oh, don't think of it as "getting your limbs slowly torn off by big robots" you puny sack of flesh, think of it as... "deactivation".

That's as pathetic as Captain Kirk's death.

I had terrible taste in cartoons as a kid. Maybe when I'm 80 I'll look back at Venture Bro's, Archer, etc.. and think I was an even bigger idiot.
"I found an ice way to die -- just like the gypsy woman said!"

He kind of sounds like the Gatekeeper from Nightmare.
His dream of not getting encased in ice has been ruined!
infinite zest
I blame starscream.

infinite zest
I feel like it took a lot more to take down megaton.
This really puts a hole in that "Japanese anime is always superior to western cartoons" theory, just based on the original cartoon (yes, animated in Asia) scripts versus whatever this is.

Was this a late-80's cash-in by Hasbro, or did someone think this was a genuinely good idea?
Apparently the Transformers play for keeps when they're dubbed by people in Hong Kong? Australia? Thailand? Somewhere.
I think it's Singapore dude. All this clip is missing is Galvatron cutting himself off mid-sentence to burst out gauffing.

Turns out it was a Hong Kong-based dubbing team made up of Aussie, New Zealander, and U.S. expatriates.

They also dubbed all the Godfrey Ho "Ninja Whatever" movies that POETV loves so dearly.

We are in their debts forever.


(hey guys.)

Headmasters is weird. I'm not used to a Transformers cartoon where the Autobots will shoot at your face. Normally, they only line up and open fire when the Decepticons are trying to retreat.
Headmasters took the series to grittier depths.

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