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Desc:An employee from a crooked Russian company praises a poor quality helmet in his hotel room.
Category:Crime, Business
Tags:helmet, predator, predator helmet, poorly made safety equipment
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 18
4:45 - Nothing says safety like transparent plastic
it isn't transparent plastic, it's shiny black plastic reflecting the room.

I don't care how cool a motorcycle helmet looks, you'll never look cool wearing one. Motorcycle helmets are a lot like sunscreen and condoms, they're for nerds.
Jet Bin Fever
Permanent brain damage is totally worth it, really. When you're drooling on yourself from a wheelchair at least you can say, "I looked really cool!" Well, you can struggle to mumble it at least.

No way, in Kentucky we all cut the backs off the helmets, making them bowl shaped. Nothing is more fun than hitting a bump on a motorcycle and going into "guess who!" vision mode when the front falls over your eyes.

Nothing is cooler than wearing a helmet over your eyes.

This doesn't look cool though

This looks much, much better made than the other one at least.
the other one was a bit deceptive, as we saw it after the guy had already gutted all the insides out.

The Mothership
This does indeed scream 'fake review', so 5 stars.
Crab Mentality
I noticed on the "recent activity" sidebar that Waugh voted on this, and this is one of only two videos he's five-starred!

Oh, Predator helmet. At least you gave someone joy.
Crab Mentality
When I said voted, I meant rated.

it's better than no predator helmet at all where's yours

i know damn well what's going on. what the fuck are you doing about it but pointing and laughing, you inhuman scum?

i read that book like three times it's fuckin' boring

shut up

"i wonder what happened to borrowedsolution"

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