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Desc:Wherein Chapel macks on Spock, Mudd does Mudd stuff, and Spock gets a little weird
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:star trek, animated, Spock, unrequited love
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Comment count is 11
Jet Bin Fever
This is such a steamy scene, accented by the high quality of the animation.
Five for Harry Mudd's fake ID.
Ok class, what did we learn from this?
Oscar Wildcat
Spock is in fact capable of a boner. But only over medical documentation.

Through some quirk of rerun scheduling, there was a year or two in early childhood when I thought the animated star trek was the only star trek.
the salad days

It was my first Star Trek, back in the mid 80's through whatever early Nickelodeon was (mostly reruns of cast off, unprofitable 'kids' shows from other networks and countries).

Sweet, sweet summary
No wonder Chapel was able to judo chop him down, what with her bony man hands as seen at 1:10
1:19 - a little something for the ladies.
Just pointing out that Nurse Chapel was played by the same actress as Lwaxanna Troi, and the similarities between their personalities.
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