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Tags:christians, Left Behind, LOLXTIANS
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Rodents of Unusual Size
That is one hot cop.

So you're supposed to feel outraged at the bizarro strawman aesthete stormtrooper shooting the guy, but then cheer when it cuts to tough as nails President Gossett wishing that those clay pigeons were enemies of Christ.

My parents are big fans of this series and for some reason, this more than anything else disturbs me regarding the true nature of Christians in this country.
^Atheist! Jesus christ, auto correct.

I really liked "strawman aesthete stormtrooper."

Wow. Thanksgiving must be awkward.

Oscar Wildcat
Brother, we have to get these Korans out of here! The infidel is at the door with their trained dogs!
The Mothership
wait, who is stealing the bibles and who has them to begin with? are the Christians taking already-stolen bibles from the athiest forces, who were hiding them from believers so as to fulfill some dark prophecy that athiests dont even believe in? I am so confused. also needs the acting! tag.
This is so bizarre for me to understand.
I think later on, Satan (head of the UN of course, promoting world peace) hatches his plot of handing out poisoned bibles.

No really.

The twist is that they all end up going to hell because stealing is a sin.
Billy the Poet
Obummer really mucked up the economy. Right now bibles are so cheap they give them away.
Sexy Duck Cop
This movie is incredible. President Herman Cain spends most of it breaking into illegal Satan Factories spread across the US to clandestinely karate chop guards (as opposed to, you know, saying he's the President of the United States). When he finally confronts the Antichrist--who, mind you, adds a hilarious Count Dracula BLUUUAAA to everything he says--in his high-rise, Satan does the obvious thing and hurls him out a window. But when President Cain survives the 80-story drop ("Zat vas....*rolls eyes Heavenward*...un-NAT-oor-ahl"), the American President walks all the way back to headquarters and comes up with a better plan: walk all the way back to where he just came from, only this time with a remote control that can call in a drone strike wherever the President is standing.

Go ahead. Take a second to think about all of that. A remote control that can order a drone strike, but only where you are currently standing. Let it roll around in there a little while.

SPOILER it doesn't work
I kind of want CognitiveDissonance to do a review of Left Behind (whichever is more entertaining, the movie or the book(s?)) after he finishes his Atlas Shrugged review, but I fear his brain would not survive the endeavor.

Missing tag: persecution porn
Jet Bin Fever
What in the fucking fuck?
Caminante Nocturno
Hey, at least it's an accurate depiction of 'shoot first, ask questions later'.
Killer Joe
Bibleman's moving pretty good for a guy with 3 bullets in his neck. And not taking him in to be tortured? What kind of 2-bit evil empire does this bad guy work for?
Juice Eggs McKenna
Bibles > human life
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