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Desc:3400 years old, from cuneiform tablets
Tags:archaeology, cuneiform, Ugarit
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trailers are fine
Stop copying my videos !!
squish dog
Comment count is 15
But those general MIDI instruments sound at least 3800 years old.
my cat could write a better song
interesting. the process of determining the pitches and intervals from the tablets is well thought out but there doesnt seem to be many markers interpreted as notating rhythm
has Jimmy Page ripped it off yet?
That guy
If he does, he'll rip off this version, because it's way cooler, daddie-o:

Dumb Lamer
Kind of want to play old Final Fantasy games again after hearing this.
No Mario Paint tag?

Needed more dogs.


"A lion is eating my foot off; somebody call a cop!" The lyrics almost fit.
The uploader's description makes a number of bold claims, but glosses over the fact that many of Prof Kilmer's findings are highly controversial. For example, the actual melody that we hear is purely speculative, and you'll find almost as many versions of this song as there are academics studying it!

IMO, this is one of the shittest interpretations of the song (speaking from a purely aesthetic perspective, mind you! I know nothing about Assyrian archeology, and cannot presume to know which interpretation is the most historically accurate) Prof Kilmer's version is pretty bad even without the MIDI instrumentation, and, contrary to what the cultural critics on the YT comments-section claim, it's actually a good deal worse than Miley.
Here's an interesting website:

http://individual.utoronto.ca/seadogdriftwood/Hurrian/Website_ article_on_Hurrian_Hymn_No._6.html

Includes sound samples for no fewer than nine different interpretations of the song.

infinite zest
Everyone know this was the oldest song in the world


Sexy Duck Cop
uhhh no doi this is clearly the oldest song ever


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