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Desc:Laugh it up, guys! This is one of the worst stand up routines I have ever seen.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Public Access, Stairway to Stardom, stand up comedy, bad standup, shows I never knew existed
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Cat - 1, Child - 0
Comment count is 9
Cube - 2014-07-09
If there ever was a part of the western culture i'd like preserved, it's this.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-07-09
All my stars are for her well intentioned, far to kind, and possibly wasted friend laughing alone in the audience.
Jack Dalton - 2014-07-09
... And a lot of cocaine dealers in New York were bummed the day Cheryl Klein moved back to Miami, approximately 1 hour after this set.
That guy - 2014-07-10
If only she had shared some with the audience...

baleen - 2014-07-10
I have done a fair amount of blow in my day and been in rooms with other people on the same. This is exactly how coked out people behave when they think they're funny. She's sweaty, sniffling, and completely incapable of reading the room and the timing of her jokes are completely off. Listening to the actual content though, there's some funny material if it were not delivered soaked in noradrenaline.

That guy - 2014-07-10
no there is not

il fiore bel - 2014-07-09
That single audience member appears to be enjoying herself.
baleen - 2014-07-10
Is she on the blow.
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-07-10
Jewish jokes!
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