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Tags:silent hill, chicago, what hell sounds like
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Oscar Wildcat
Brian Eno's Ambient #5 : Music for tornados.
infinite zest

Welcome to Chicago aka SILENT HILL

Koda Maja
I don't think that's the 'go out to your balcony and start filming' siren.
il fiore bel
I think one of my music boxes made this same sound when it started to die.
Low batteries week?

infinite zest
Huh.. never heard sirens like those and I lived in the midwest for years. They sounded like


I spent the first 15 years of my life living a few houses down from one of these:


(I still remember the big "SIRATONE" placard that was on it)

No matter how many times I've heard it, it never ceased to give me the creeps. To me it sounded like a giant version of the Emergency Broadcast System tone that the TV and radio would play whenever bad shit was about to go down.

Oh, and apparently there's a big community of siren enthusiasts from what I've seen of the YouTube related videos.

Of all the things for a person to have an interest in, tornado sirens are the most puzzling. I mean, I only searched for them because I was feeling nostalgic about my childhood nightmares.

infinite zest
Yeah I grew up on the West Coast so I'd never heard it.. maybe an air raid test siren once a year but that was miles away. When I moved to Madison Wisconsin the dorm I lived in my first semester was right next door to one of the tornado sirens and they'd test it every friday in the fall. :(

I like the creep factor of the Federal Thunderbolt

https://www.flickr.com/photos/rocbolt/14302960295/in/set-72157 629537136088

Back in the 80s the town I grew up in still tested their old air raid siren once a year. They also had a massive fog horn that you could hear from anywhere in town, and blew it early in the morning any time the public school was closed for weather.

I remember something like this, we were in a tornado-ish situation in the West Loop where dumpsters were being tossed around like matchbooks.
It's Baby-Laughs-A-Lot! And her batteries are low!
infinite zest

Giant evil ice cream truck.
Spooky, I almost expected some Russian voice to come on and start reading numbers
Flying Omelette
Sounds like the Mani Mani Statue from EarthBound is somewhere in that city.
Needs "Jazz Wolf" tag.
Ahh yes, the end of the world siren....
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