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Desc:I saw this ad on Nick today and had to look it up later to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:babies, poop, wtf, shit, jewelry
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Comment count is 16
Users are reminded that if your actual children start shitting plastic charm bracelet pieces, you should stop feeding them plastic charm bracelet pieces.
I think that's the "surprise" part

at least it's not edible jewelry

Xenagama Warrior Princess
I remember reading a book long ago (can't recall if it was from the same person who built the Lilek's Institute of Cheer website or if it was one of those Jeff Foxworthy books - yeah, I was 15) that babies practically look like they've shit out a Jamaican souvenir when they eat crayons.

Never would I have thought someone taken that passage to heart and made a profit out of it.
Pope Caius
What, you mean you don't shit charms?
Oscar Wildcat
I had a cat that ate a lot of hair. He did in fact shit bracelets.

infinite zest
Apparently I used to stick anything up my nose I could get a hold of, but I only had an older brother so I was mostly shitting lego heads. If I had a sister you better believe I'd be shitting out butterflies and kitty cats.

Pope Caius
My story is that I tried mugging a leprechaun and have been shitting these not-so-lucky charms ever since. The horseshoes... the goddamned horseshoes...

it's CHARM-ing!

I am more interested about the content of that animated DVD. What could the plot possibly be? How can they work a race of baby-like creatures that piss and shit gems into the plot?

how do you know it's animated?

oh god

The Mothership
Something only a slide whistle could sell.
Robin Kestrel
SPOILER ALERT: The charm is hidden under a thin layer of tissue paper in each diaper. There is no pooping involved, and no magic. The charms are made of a super-absorbent polymer material that expands up to 500% upon exposure to water, like those "Magic Grow Dinosaur" toys.

There's some deep poetic statement about our consumerist society to be had in baby dolls that shit jewelry.
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