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Rozetta - 2007-03-05

Awful, like everything he does. What a waste of bandwidth.

Meatsack Jones - 2007-03-05

Why do I get the feeling that Rozetta typing in anything is a waste of bandwidth?

happy_ending - 2007-03-05

Gay name and no taste to boot!

mysterycar - 2007-03-05

more nick cave videos have funny dancing than you would expect

kingarthur - 2007-03-06

Best line: "I'd walk over six good pussies to get to one fat boy's asshole".

dueserpenti - 2007-03-06

And it's not even the best song on the album.

erix - 2007-03-06

So I like Nick Cave apparently! Thanks merzbau

afp3683 - 2007-07-25

I like this song. I like this album. I like Nick Cave. But he's so much better when I don't have to watch him sing and dance.

Lurchi - 2008-03-03

Very overrated dude. Has at most 2 good songs. College girls and Europeans like him.

klingerbgoode - 2010-02-01

this is a great song, though.

and the birthday party were consistantly amazing.

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