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Tags:hockey, goalie, Thinking Outside the Penalty Box
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infinite zest
The announcer doesn't really sound that surprised. Does this happen a lot? One of the related videos is the whole play and it's just a penalty shot which Leggio defends. Hockey just went up about 2 million points in my book, as this is like literally stealing home plate.
They are usually more subtle about it, like waiting until the guy is actually close and then "bumping" it "accidentally" as opposed to just lifting it up and chucking it.

Herr Matthias
The things that apparently aren't covered in the hockey rulebook are amazing. Like it took until 2008 for somebody (Sean Avery) to think of standing in front of the goalie and doing jumping jacks (as a screening tactic)
It sounds like it would be really hard to do jumping jacks in ice skates.

That guy
It's not fun, no.

Herr Matthias
Okay, standing there and waving your arms a whole bunch. Come on, use your imagination.

Referee: "Well, there's nothing in the rulebook that says *blank* can't *blank*."
That guy
*a monkey* *play goalie*

That guy
That's a penalty!! The consequence is that you have to face ONE guy skating at you all alone with the puck. That will teach you to break the rules!!
Yeah. It's actually the best move he could have made in that situation.

Also, he stopped the penalty shot.

Also, the AHL changed the rule so that, if this happens again, the offending goaltender gets a game misconduct, the breakaway team gets a penalty shot, they get to select any player to take the penalty shot, and the replacing goaltender has to face the penalty shot. In other words, they should have change the rule so that it's an automatic goal, but they were pussies, so they did everything they could think of _but_ that.

I don't get why the goalie wouldn't at least try. If he gets beat, well, who could blame him? But if he somehow manages to pull off an insane save, he's going to be in highlight reels basically forever.

Because athletes are paid to try and win.

Forgive me, I'm a Leafs fan, so that's news to me.

That guy
hey, the Leafs are in the running right now, in November!!
hang tight!

The Mothership
5 for unsportsmanlike conduct!
Clearly a goaltender with low self esteem.
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