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Category:Accidents & Explosions, Educational
Tags:russia, crosswalk, oblivious, non fatal, good bad driving
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jussst ashlee.
Comment count is 7
this is amazing... but you should see the ones in mainland china... they're like every 1000 meters in the middle of NOTHING
infinite zest
Portland has a law that says you have to stop no matter what the pedestrian/bicyclist is doing in the crosswalk, including stepping or pedaling into the street without the right of way. And as a pedestrian/bicyclist I call bullshit because that's just not fair to drivers. I'm glad everybody's safe here but walking into a busy intersection like this means vehicular homicide where I am. In most places, it's more like the things we learned growing up, like look both ways before crossing the goddamn street.

Isn't that all of Oregon, not just PDX?

hum de hum de dum, just minding my own business, oh, hello car, thank you for turning at the last instant, this is wonderful weather isn't it?
clearly that was Superman, I mean come on, just watch it
No way. Magneto, for sure.

Mr. Magoo.

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