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cognitivedissonance - 2011-05-12

Find the one where the Orthodox Jewish tailor calls her out for not being Jewish enough.

B. Weed - 2011-05-12

Did he use the phrase "shande für de Goyim" (which roughly translates to "being an ass in front of non-Jews") at all?

'Cause that would be pretty entertaining.

Supahfly - 2011-05-12

1/2 star for every unlucky child.

Xenocide - 2011-05-12

Stars for the most limp-wristed delivery in the history of insults.

Anaxagoras - 2011-05-12

"It was a joke, your honor."

kingarthur - 2011-05-12

The cousins are from henchmen central casting.

stage - 2011-05-12


chumbucket - 2011-05-12

the pipes are not calling

baleen - 2011-05-12

Wow, how unfortunate that the show pays for it. Still, way to make a royal ass of yourself Danny.

Oktay - 2011-05-12

Good offense, but not the best defense.

NewHeavenSalesman - 2011-05-12

This guy seriously missed the boat in not becoming a vlog champion.

VoilaIntruder - 2011-05-12

Door-to-door bootleg movies, fireworks, teddy bears, and BB guns. This is an unsinkable business.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2011-05-15

What could possibly go wrong?

SixDigitDebt - 2011-05-12

So if someone invites me onto their property and I kill someone next door, it's not my fault?

If nothing else warns you away from legal advice garnered by spending stoned days in front of daytime television between The View and The Price Is Right, this should.

charmlessman - 2011-05-12

This is a civil case, so the rules are different.
Also, if you allowed someone to shoot off a gun in your back yard and they killed someone, you probably would be charged with something like criminal negligence.

RocketBlender - 2011-05-13

Possibly involuntary manslaughter or some or some 'accessory to' crime.

Senator_Unger - 2011-05-12

Why is there TFL when there is apparently "about" four women who would sleep with this gentleman and *not* use protection? And then carry the baby to term. More than once.

goat - 2011-05-13

I'm more disturbed by "about" ten kids than "about" four women. Is he not sure exactly how many kids he has? I guess it's possibly the paternity is under dispute in a few of these cases but I prefer to think that he just has a hard time keeping track. "Look, there are a lot of them and they don't hold still for very long so it's hard to get an accurate headcount. Between 6 and 15 children live at my house, I'd estimate."

Also, dude, if you're going to tell Judge Judy you banged her daughter you need to COMMIT to the line, don't half-ass it like that. The minute you start telling that joke you know you've already lost the case, might as well double down.

dead_cat - 2011-05-14

Holy crap. How is this guy going to support "about" 10 kids? Those poor children.

Oktay - 2011-05-18

He has enough teddy bears, so no need to worry.

Caminante Nocturno - 2011-05-14

Hey, at least he didn't screw up on the ages.

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-05-18

This guy REALLY hates condoms.

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