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Tags:australians, fake gambling, arcade tokens, thats not worth any actual money, so exciting
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I tried to figure out if the tokens were worth real money, like Vegas casino chips. They were just tokens, I think, but it didn't stop worldstarhiphop from reporting that they won ",000."
Crab Mentality
From the video page:

5000 ARCADE TOKENS, NOT 5000 YEN. 5000 Yen would be a silly minimal Jackpot, why would a machine pay you out in 1 yen coins which = 0.0098 Australian Dollar.
For anyone thinking this is = to 5000, you're mistaken and stupid to think a machine would consider that a jackpot.

infinite zest
I live by a nickel arcade that has the same machine, although it's ghetto as fuck. There, you can play for nickels and potentially win.. I don't know, how much does a standard arcade machine hold in nickels?

Jet Bin Fever
Most arcades in Japan use 100yen coins, I'm not sure how much these are worth of course. But, if that was the case, it would be about 00 US. I haven't checked the exchange in a while though.

The people they hire to service these things must be overly caffeinated mad scientists.
blue vein steel
Expecting ARCHIELUXURY to stroll by with a prostitute on his arm
Well, that was an experience.
Numberwang, the arcade version.
"This is like having a second child!"
The Happening 2: Something
Fucking hell, that's an elaborate coin dropping machine thing.
What's kinda funny is that many elements are almost identical to a MAME pachinko game, where you also ALMOST win all the time and even if you do win, a million things have to happen in just the right way before that.

It's sort of entertaining, especially when I'm coming from a country that has slot- and video poker machines (these days mostly combined to single, multi-game machines that have about 10 different games for people to lose their money on) in every single grocery store and gas station. And many more places.
are you in oregon? (john olivers recent expose on state funded gambling educated me)

No, I'm not from the Oregon country.

Did it just dump every token ever put into the machine?
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