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Desc:The show is just okay, but the opening scene of the pilot is worth a look.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:romcom, Casey Wilson, Ken Marino, jobeth williams
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Prickly Pete
The acting was good. Ken Marino and Casey Wilson are wasted on what I presume to be bland scripts. But to be fair I've never seen the show.
infinite zest
I've loved Ken Marino since The State and I don't really know the girl, but she's very funny and very real.

infinite zest
So to finish my point (sorry I hit tab and it goes to submit) this looks like a good show for NBC, but probably not something I'd watch unless I needed to. Kinda like the Veep. That's JLD in full Elaine bitchmode and Seinfelt

John Holmes Motherfucker
Casey Wilson was on SNL for a few years, and got shitcanned. I have to think it was because she had "weight issues", which I put in quotes because she was fat for an actress, not for a human being,


Okay maybe for a human being.

I've only loved Ken Marino since Labor Day, when "Party Down" made it onto Hulu, and I watched nearly every one of the 20 episodes over the weekend. "Party Down" was on the the Starz cable network from 2009 to 2010, It's a ensemble show with an amazing cast, a devoted fan base, and rumors about a possible movie. It has never been well received when submitted to POETV. It takes a little time to appreciate, and the title doesn't help. The title makes it sound "wacky", it's actually a fairly dark show with tragic overtones, about a bunch of failed dreamers.


infinite zest
I only started watching Eastbound and Down because I randomly caught an episode at a friend's house and Ken Marino literally every scene from Danny McBride, which ain't easy (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS, this is from the final season, but I started around here and worked my way backwards. It's not a hard show to figure out though:)


That and the first season of Burning Love, which is a spoof of the Bachelor and other reality dating shows. And Childrens' Hospital, which honestly wouldn't be funny without Marino.

As for Wilson, she's beautiful. I can't believe in 2014 (or whenever she was on SNL) that Hollywood would treat slightly bigger girls that way. As for the show, I don't know. I think I seen this exact same routine before somewhere, but couldn't tell you where. Like most network shows, it seems like something I'd watch if I was at stuck a Super 8 without internet or cable, but not something that I'd actively pursue.

I really want to like Party Down, but I've seen the first five high as shit and it still wasn't funny.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Party Down is dark, character-driven comedy. My favorite example of what I love about "Party Down" is the main character, an actor who becomes famous for doing beer commercials with the catch phrase "Are we having fun yet?" He becomes type cast. His career tanks, he's forced to return to a job in catering, where drunks are always coming up to him and saying "are we having fun yet, thinking it's hilarious.

It's a running gag with the show. It's not laugh out loud funny so much as mind-blowingly ironic. Maybe you should think of it as a drama. Maybe you should try watch TV straight for a change.

John Holmes Motherfucker
And by the way, I think VEEP is fucking fantastic, although it's a little too abrasive for binge-watching.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I actually like this show quite a bit more than I was letting on in the description, Not everyone's going to agree, though, so I didn't push it. Having gotten into some truly nasty arguments about the scientist and his bowling shirt, I didn't want to bicker about a sitcom.

The premise is pretty bland. I think the scripts are actually pretty good. This is the same old thing, done unusually well. The supporting cast is the usuall wacky friends and comic in-laws, played by some great character actors. Tim Meadows plays one of Annie's gay dads. Jobeth Williams , the mother-in-law from "Dexter" plays Ken Marino's mom. I wouldn't really describe this character as "an angel walking anong us". I might describe her as a bitch, but she's more than that. She's vulnerable. She could turn out to the best thing on the show.

One thing I love about these characters is they don't FIGHT in the traditional comic way that relationship sitcoms have done since the Honeymooners, making up in the last minute. They go through conflict together, without ever acting like they hate each other. Some may find that bland. I find it fresh and likable, but it just might get old in time.

If you like Ken and Casey, you should definitely check it out.
That guy
I like them both. I don't know Marry Me. This scene's not bad.
Party Down and Burning Love are fantastic.
3 for the scene +2 for your love of Party Down.

I wonder what, as far as SNL goes, is the different between Casey Wilson and Aidy Bryant. Aidy's fatter. I'm wondering if Casey didn't test well with their test audiences. SNL fucking sucks, so I can see them making their decisions based on that.

In the wonderful/horrible world of acting, there's some belief that you either want to be fit, or like 'character fat'. You don't want to be a little fat. Maybe this didn't help Wilson, I don't know.

I think I agree with everything you've said on this page. Let's not make that a habit, k?

Aidy Bryant happened to be hired on the season after Melissa McCarthy's first (very successful) hosting gig.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Okay, but I think I'd better stop now.

John Holmes Motherfucker

Link to whole episode (with annoying frame).
I don't get it.

Also, what's the average age for marriage these days? Assuming it even still happens? Most of my friends are in their 30s now, and only about half of them are married (having done so around 30); the rest are just living merrily in sin, and show no signs of wanting a change.
infinite zest
I got married at 21 and divorced at 29, not because I thought I was supposed to because that was the age my parents did, but just because I had a best friend, and for the most part we just drank and smoked and did drugs and partied together with very little drama. Most of my friends thought I was pretty nuts for doing it though, and unlike most marriages it ended without much in the way of hostility or tears. My 30s have been promiscuous and fun, but I do get that feeling in my gut like "this might be the one" again once in a while.

John Holmes Motherfucker
So WTF is "burning love"? (googles)
infinite zest
You probably already know but Marino is a firefighter looking for love. I didn't know E! would be so good at making fun of their shows.

John Holmes Motherfucker
They're great at reacting off each other. That's what you want in a romantic comedy. Assuming that you have to have them. I could see this running out of stream for me, but for now I'll keep watching the episodes on Hulu, because good acting amazes me; I like to observe it and learn from it. The fact that the material is rather of conventional makes it more of a textbook study.
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