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Desc:Hey, remember that cool little indie movie 'Primer?' well here it is again courtesy of you know who!
Tags:God, please, ME, Kill, go back in time and stop michael bay
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 24
I literally just finished watching Predestination, so I feel incredibly insulted by this.
*terrible blinky effect*

Fuck, that wasn't supposed to be a reply.

Aside: fuck this movie.

FunFact: That movie's script was written in one night by four 12 year old girls during a slumber party.

Jet Bin Fever
It's okay, everyone will forget it the second they step out of the theater. Nothing will change except huge quantities of money going from one pocket to another.
Jeez. I'd hate to be the first pocket.

That guy
breasts = "I love time travel"
That guy
Michael Bay is producer, not director.

That guy
Also, at least this isn't a ripoff of primer. What the fuck is up with your description? -4 stars

Rodents of Unusual Size
Dude, Where's My Butterfly Effect?

This movie idea has been beaten to a pulp. Act One:"Oh cool! Time travel!"
Act Two: "Oh crap! Time travel!"

infinite zest

"..an American science fiction drama film about the accidental discovery of a means of time travel."

"A group of friends discover plans to build a time machine and then build one themselves."

which wikipedia article matches which movie?

infinite zest
And (bit of a spoiler, watch out but I'm assuming you've seen Primer That Guy)


Primer didn't reinvent the wheel, and if nothing else Upstream Color proved that it could've been the low-budgetness and nerd-speak that made Primer so good vs. Upstream Color's Sophomoric Slump but they're both about young people who accidentally invent time travel, use it to become wealthy and eventually use it to manipulate relationships and other life events.

That guy
So we both agree that it doesn't rip off primer, then, because the idea has been done a bunch. Also, tone, characters and plot details are different.

-4 stars for faulty description and tag.
+4 for travelling back in time to defeat Michael Bay.
-4 for making me think it's a Michael Bay movie.

Good day, sir.

infinite zest
True, they aren't identical movies, but imagine if I pitched an idea for a movie about a kid and his grandpa who has a bicycle that can travel back in time if it goes over a certain speed. Total Asylum-style ripoff. Back to the Future covered the getting rich part pretty well in the second one with the Almanac, but if I recall Marty and Doc's intentions were good. In Primer, it's manipulation of the stock market. In Project Almanac, it's getting the right lottery numbers. In both cases, the teams (both young and ostensibly broke) take the money and run and life is good. And in both cases, someone uses the machine to undo a certain event (in Primer it's the the house party shooting and here it's people trying to.. I dunno, bone I guess and whatever regular kids wish they could do if they had a second chance) which fucks the future up.

So the "regular kids travel thru time" thing is pretty standard, more fun than watching a whole bunch of white coats do it unless they're stopping a robot or a Kaiju but it's hard for me not to notice the similarities. Also, anything with Michael Bay's name on it basically means he calls the shots. It could be a Jon Luc Goddard movie, and the galaxy in the coffee cup from 2 Or 3 Things I Know About Her would literally become a CGI galaxy with Bay just listed as Key Grip.

That guy

*turns brusquely and saunters off*

This seems to be kind of a remake of "Flatliners," and the formula could be older than that:

Students discover/find macguffin --> Students use/abuse macguffin --> bad shit happens to students because of macguffin.

This is also the plot of Chronicle, The Craft, and other such movies, isn't it?
That guy
And Say Anything.

Kid Fenris
And a few episodes of any given cartoon from the 1980s.

infinite zest
Inception ripped off an episode of Ducktales. :)

Time travel schmime schmavel, the 'found footage' thing is sooo much worse.

Only two movies ever did that right: Blair Witch (I know) and Chronicle.
I'd argue that Blair Witch owes as much to its lore and information spread about it apart from te film as it does to the actual film. Going in, I'd read the "legend of the Blair Witch" flyer, a giveaway comic book, and a few other odds and ends which helped sell the concept to my brain.

I had to explain a lot about the ending to the people I went with, after we'd all recovered from the horror of handicam footage on a theatrical screen.

infinite zest
I think it's become a bit more conceivable with the kiddos and their iPhones and their gopros and jello pudding pops and such than it was with the "why are you still filming this with your camcorder?!? Run!" bullshit of the past. I'd actually like to see a movie about a lost or stolen phone that had the video on and captures some spooky stuff. It's not totally inconceivable since a lot of people leave their phones on a table, bedside or otherwise. And if you're running from a ghost, you'll probably grab your phone so you can call ghostbusters, whereas if I was running from a ghost I'd probably leave my bulky camera there and get it later. I dunno. That's probably already a movie..

What's worse is that this isn't the first time this has happened.

Remember that movie "The Island"? (yeah...me neither) MST3K once riffed a movie called "Parts: The Clonus Horror". The Island was, at times, a scene for scene remake of MST3K fodder.
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