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Desc:With Russell Brand, Noel Fielding, Warwick Davis, Jonathan Ross, Jimmy Carr and others.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:warwick davis, noel fielding, Russell Brand, 2015, Big Fat Quiz of the Year
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Comment count is 9
Jimmy Carr's laugh always sounds like a malfunctioning laugh track.
infinite zest
Holy crap. You ain't kidding. How exactly do you develop a laugh like that? Like, if this was a little bit choreographed or not I don't care.. it was funny, and his laugh and the audiences' sounds completely canned. And I know it was in front of a live studio audience because I saw them!

They definitely add and or edit the live audiences reactions. But, you know what? I don't care! I love it. Hueh hueh hueehhhhhh!

infinite zest
Hehe. A little off topic but I love love love Warwick Davis' Life's Too Short. How that only lasted one season (or as you Brits call it, series; why do you call it that anyway)? and some show like Big Bang Theory is in its 8th season boggles me brain it does.
Not British, but I think they call it a series for the same reason they call a line a queue: it's more accurate. Each 'season' is a 'series' of shows. Maybe there's a Brit here with a real explanation?

infinite zest
Yeah.. and it kinda makes sense if there wasn't going to be a continuation, like when Dr. Who gets a new Doctor, that would be the end of a series of Dr. Who stories, even though Dr. Who stays the same Doctor for multiple seasons. The same could apply to American shows like Law and Order, where each story is different, and besides a few character developments, or Batman, where you can pick up a complete series of Batman comics whose timeline is completely different from the movies.. so those could be series, but a show like Walking Bad Men is not, because you're left with a semi-linear timeline and usually a cliffhanger. A season, to me anyway, implies change whereas a series implies a beginning and and end.. ok Brits explain! :)

When was the last time a "season" actually corresponded to a season, anyhow? 1995?

The new American shows always used to start in September, so there you go. A season of new shows all starting at around the same time.

Russell Brand and Noel Fielding both showed up as Liza Minnelli.
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