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Desc:Dashcam video of Russ- I mean 'rebel' (winkwink) attack on Mariupol, Ukraine.
Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:explosion, Ukraine, dashcam, Mariupol, Russian invasion
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Comment count is 30
Jet Bin Fever - 2015-01-25
Fucking Russia. What has to happen to make this stop anyway? I know we're trying to ruin their economy, but how does that affect you typical multibillionaire Russian oligarch anyway?
SolRo - 2015-01-25
I like how the west completely ignored when that corrupt billionaire in kiev decided to use the ceasefire to rebuild his troops and then launch an all out attack on the Donetsk airport during the ceasefire/negotiations. (he said the airport belongs to them so screw the ceasefire)

And then he lost it again in a couple days because originally the rebels stopped their advance months ago for these peace negotiations, and are just going to start advancing again because there's zero reason to trust the ukies now. (and since the billionaire fatass in kiev has been spouting on and on about how he will 'reconquer' all land lost in the east, they would be stupid to trust anything promised by the west)
SolRo - 2015-01-25
Also I haven't seen one goddamn "condemnation" from the west when Ukrainian troops killed civilians in the east, more than a year they've been doing it, and not one fucking peep.

baleen - 2015-01-25

SolRo - 2015-01-25
yeah, yeah, you're still human garbage that revels in the death and misery of people that don't belong to your clan...we all get it.

fedex - 2015-01-26
Clan Rodriguez?

EvilHomer - 2015-01-26
Hey SolRo, quick question. How much money is Putin's stock in Russian oil companies worth, approximately?

Sudan no1 - 2015-01-26

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-26
I thought Ukies were Hawaiian? They play them at luaus, right?

SolRo - 2015-01-26
Last Wednesday (21st) a Ukranian mortar killed 13 civilians in a rebel controlled city, and surprisingly I didn't see a video here from sasazuka calling ukranians Nazis or mentioning the real military/financial backing the west gives to Ukraine to suppress an unfavorable (to them) resistance force.

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/22/donetsk-bus-stop- shelling-kills-13
EvilHomer - 2015-01-26
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Palestinian_rocket_attacks_o n_Israel,_2014

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-26
I know you're really partisan on this, Sol, but the article you link has this under the headline, bigger than the body copy:

"Conflicting reports of who was responsible for mortar attack that killed at least eight in separatist stronghold"

If you have evidence the Guardian lacks, you might want to give them a call.

SolRo - 2015-01-26
Yes, the Ukrainians say rebels attack their own cities...and you think that is credible?

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-26
So that would be a "no, I don't have any actual evidence," then?

SolRo - 2015-01-26
Are you stupid? Look at the cluster munitions video I submited before, it has evidence that ukranians used those weapons on civilians. The ukranians still deny ever doing that.

This isn't an evidence issue, this is one side automatically blaming everything on "the Russians" because they know idiots like you will eat it up without question.

EvilHomer - 2015-01-26
Cluster munitions bought from Russia and used by both sides in the conflict.

Russia is the world's foremost leader in cluster munitions - they are to Ivan what drones and Coca-Cola are to the US - so I'm still not sure why you think bringing up cluster munitions helps your case.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-26
Where did I blame anyone? You're the one who posted an article claiming it's proof one side is guilty when the article clearly states that it's unknown who is guilty. That's what I pointed out, that you're the one who made a leap based on what you want to be true.

I have opinions on Russia's involvement, true, but unless I'm pointing to that Guardian article and saying it's proof the rebels fired it, I'm not the one who's presenting their opinions as facts.

fedex - 2015-01-26
SolRo - 2015-01-26
in Russian, that says 'back up', the problem is that the machine translation of 'up' only has one meaning in Russian.

You just said a really lame video game combo.

fedex - 2015-01-26
hey at least I tried, Ivan

SolRo - 2015-01-26
Fuck you too

fedex - 2015-01-26
aww, don't be like that Vitaly

chumbucket - 2015-01-26
I'm still not understanding what Russia hopes to gain out of this mess. It seems more akin to the US deciding to take over Manitoba. Yay, now what?
SolRo - 2015-01-26
Considering the instigating actor of this from the very start is America/NATO, you're asking the wrong question.

EvilHomer - 2015-01-26
Russia's had an imperialist hardon for the Ukraine since the days of vikings and Mongols. Besides oil, Black Sea control, and the fact that the Ukraine has much hotter women than they do, Russia's main motivation is just to assuage its primitive bloodlust and prove it's still Alpha.

chumbucket - 2015-01-28
The hotter women motivation makes sense.

crojo - 2015-01-26
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-28
And SolRo apparently went on a bit of a downvoting spree, followed by submitting videos that match his worldview.

I'm curious, Sol: After displaying such grown-up behavior by downvoting vids just to be a dick, are you expecting people to even watch your submissions, let alone vote them up?
SolRo - 2015-01-29
Lol, girl, like they would have ever gotten out of the hopper.

I just submitted them as a counterpoint to the multiple idiots with severe russophobia around here.

SolRo - 2015-01-29
Here's an article containing a good summary of the events that lead to this. It's from that Putin loving commie-rag Forbes.

http://www.forbes.com/sites/dougbandow/2015/01/22/u-s-should-s tay-out-of-the-russo-ukrainian-quarrel-a-bakers-dozen-reasons-why- the-conflict-in-ukraine-is-not-americas-business-part-one/
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