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Desc:so call me fat fxck geriatric punk shxtface master of disgrace
Category:Arts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Punk, kick, NoFX, Australia, fat mike
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Comment count is 14
The context makes this 100% acceptable.
Void 71
At least he didn't push the guy off stage and kill him like the asshole from Lamb of God.
If only he actually kicked the dude that many times.
Fat Mike and the guy made up: http://www.jobsnhire.com/articles/13097/20141107/fat-mike-kicks-fa n-punk-musician-kicks-and-punches-australian-fan-on-stage-for-appr oaching-him-video.htm

(remove errant spaces in the url)
infinite zest
That's pretty cool. I guess he got the kid beers and let him kick him as hard as he wanted backstage at the next show they invited him to. Both should've known better but that makes me think a lot higher of NOFX, even though I don't really give a shit about their music or Fat Wreck.

The opposite thing happened to my ex wife at a King Khan and the Shrines show. The keyboardist I think jumped into the crowd and getting back up on stage his boot slipped, nailing her right in the glasses (she was 5'3 with high heels so she always stood in the front) and broke them. Miraculously nothing else was broken. I wrote Vice Records, not to ask for any compensation or anything, and still got no response, not even an apology, which is all I wanted. I haven't listened to them since.

The Mothership
The hat coming off is like poetry.
RIP Punk
infinite zest
Everybody over 18 who likes NOFX should be kicked in the face.

That guy
yeah and in this case, the irony is most choice

This is what you go to a punk show for goddammit. I don't need to see him bitching about his old fat neck to have this be appropriate and justified.

blue vein steel
Punk played in front of more than 100 people isn't punk

mike just wrote an excelent musical

Lazier than GG, more portly than Ian
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