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Desc:Creflo Dollar's old private jet broke down, you see, but it's cool, its for Jesus.
Category:Crime, Religious
Tags:christianity, LOL XTIANS, Greed, megachurch, jets for jesus
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Killer Joe
He was also arrested a few years back for beating down his daughter. (It was the devil trying to discredit him, don't worry guys)
It's a good thing that God saved them from all of those awful things God did to their airplanes.
Oscar Wildcat
The London and Hawaii ministries seem to be most favoured, based on the clip. Excellent find, Joe. Creflow's an old hand at this fraud, but his mentor was a guy named Bob Tilton. Google around a bit about him.
Maggot Brain
Won't you please help discount Forest Whitaker buy a party jet for his bourgeois kids?
Wait. His name is Creflo Dollar?
From his Wiki entry (I swear):

"Some sources report that Dollar's real name is Michael Smith,[3] which Dollar has called an 'urban legend'.[4]"

Kid Fenris
Sixty-five million dollars? You could buy almost two megachurches with that!
The Mothership
assuming an average price of 00 for roundtrip airfair, you could just fly 32,500 people TO that megachurch and back for that kind of money.
White megachurch pastors axe for private jets like diss


Brother megachurch pastors axe for private jets like DISS!

Jet Bin Fever
This is amazingly evil.
Take that, Scientology!
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