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Oscar Wildcat - 2015-03-26

We should start massing troops at the Canadian border. Time for some annexin', Barack!

ashtar. - 2015-03-26

Certainly we need send in peacekeepers until the lawless north is stabilized.

ashtar. - 2015-03-26

"I am so happy right now that we installed this glass barrier."

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-03-26

Googling "ITCCS" produces some very amusing reading material.

I can't tell if the guy behind it is a troll, a conman, a nutcase, or some combination of the three.

oddeye - 2015-03-26

He's being Canadian.

Redford - 2015-03-26

oh boy.

OH BOY. The youtube channel is an endless goldmine of crazy.

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