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Desc:Saves two goals then legs it post haste
Category:Sports, Crime
Tags:Soccer, Brazil, momentary lapse in reasoning
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Comment count is 13
Killer Joe
Let's keep it to casual nudity, please.
So what is a physio? The team doctor or something? I'm guessing the other team gets a penalty kick after this?
That guy

For a sport where each goal is such a critical event, there is just no good way of resolving outside interference stopping a goal.

Given the rules, the most logical thing to do here, since that was a team official, is pretty much to call off the game.

Sanest Man Alive
They should just make him the goalie for the rest of the game and make the other guy the physio. That sounds fair.

infinite zest
I read it as "team psycho."

sure looked like that guy was gonna get lynched or something

infinite zest
I like how he casually snuck in there like Solid Snake or something, like nobody would notice. I like to play it but don't really watch it outside of the World Cup; does this sort of thing happen a lot? Not necessarily intentional defense, but just a doctor in the way?

I was a referee in high school. There is no ruling for outside interference. We were told a story of a dog that blocked a goal and it was basically tough shit for the other team.

infinite zest
That might explain the dog throwing in the top ten link at the end.. Never mind I hope that dog bit that guy's balls off.

Huh. Guess that must be an Australian-only abbreviation. The team physiotherapist or physical therapist.

Soccer: slightly more real than pro wrestling.
So...what's happening here? I guess that's just a fan who got on the field?
OHHHHHH! The "physio." OK.

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