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Desc:For the 20th anniversary of The Dirdy Birdy, this Redux adds a previously cut scene back in. Enjoy!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:90s, animation, dirdy birdy, CATegory, John R. Dilworth
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The Mothership
Glad he didn't change the music.
The Mystery Method in action.
infinite zest
Yay! I saw this at a Spike and Mike festival, probably 20 years ago. Still makes me smile.
infinite zest
Speaking of, I was a 90s kid raised on the notion that cartoons were kids stuff. People didn't die or bleed, and it was just sort of accepted that way. Sure, there was anime in the east, and of course Ralph Bakshi & R Crumb but they wouldn't let me even step foot into the store that sold those comic books. So it was basically Cartoon Network that popped my cartoon cherry.

Seeing Lupo the Butcher at the last Spike & Mike before they started doing the Sick and Twisted Festival in 7th or 8th grade was what did it for me. They showed it at the end and warned everyone to take their kids out because CUSSIN but my parents were cool with it. Still have the shirt.

My cartoon innocence ended in the fourth grade with some 80s anime that featured a dude jumping on a robo-tank and getting gattling gunned to death at point-blank range. No clue what anime it was, but watching that cloud of blood fade to a fine mist, I knew that everything had changed.

Also, Beavis & Butthead, which I saw over at my proto-stoner friend's house. I remember staying up until four in the morning on a school day, playing TurboGrafix16 and watching Frog Baseball.

My dad didn't like me hanging out with that kid, and later forbid me to speak with either him or his hippie parents.

It was bullshit, too, because his hippie father was teaching me carpentry. I made a toy boat. I mean, sure, the father got fired from his prep-school teaching position for wandering around campus naked in the middle of the night, but for fuck's sake! Beavis & Butthead! Toy boat!

I think my dad also resented the fact that the mom was friends with my mom, and the two of them had been dabbling in the Black Arts together, before my parents got divorced and my mom ran off to that failed New Age commune up north.

In a sense, Beavis & Butthead was very cathartic for me.

Actually, no, wait, it was The Simpsons. First season of The Simpsons, predated Beavis & Butthead by a couple years. Not as XTREME or 3DGY as some of the other stuff that followed soon after, but still - popped my toon cherry and forced me to re-evaluate animation as a medium.

infinite zest
Yeah, there was Simpsons, b&b, and others, but there was a weird distinction for me. They weren't cartoons, but just animated prime time shows. A cartoon was different for some reason..

What about Ren & Stimpy? That was pretty cartoony, in a classical sense.

I think I saw Frog Baseball in the theater, but the weird thing is that if I did it didn't stick with me at the time, because the only thing I really remember about it is seeing it in the program. The actual cartoons I remember getting the most response from the audience are Red Hot Riding Hood and Mad Doctors of Borneo Episode 1. And the by-popular-demand encore run of up the Butcher, which was massively popular for about 6 months and was kind of the reason MTV started showing stuff like Beavis and Butthead.

Apparently the Mad Doctors of Borneo guy started making sequels about a decade ago and has made at least two dozen of them. They're even more pointless than the original, which was at least surprising back in the early 90s when claymation gore wasn't common.

Binro the Heretic
Kricfalusi wishes he could be half as good as Dilworth.

He gets too easily distracted by weird facial expressions and wacky sound effects, though.
Young Dilworth was swoontastic. Good GOD what a beautiful man.

Now he's Krusty the Klown.
Jet Bin Fever
haha, I don't believe you. When was this guy ever good looking?

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