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Desc:What moon language is this dude uttering?
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:Trailer Park Boys, Smurfs, Drunk, snurf, liquor
Submitted:Mother Lumper
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Comment count is 18
The Mothership - 2015-05-04
Colloidal silver?
chumbucket - 2015-05-04
Toilet cleaner incident.

Pillager - 2015-05-04

love - 2015-05-04
I was really apprehensive about this season coming out, but it was alright. definitely not a high point, but enjoyable. also the swearnet movie was better than I expected.
infinite zest - 2015-05-05
The problem I have with the show is its insistence on doing the documentary thing when they keep inserting things that wouldn't be filmed by any documentary team. Granted I haven't seen all of the new season but wouldn't they be famous enough in and around Sunnyvale because of the show to basically get rid of that and produce their own movie, sort of like Ali G did? But whatever, I had a landlord that would give Mr. Lahey a run for his money. I also basically knew a Randy. This guy was sort of the landlord's second in command, and would come home every day with a 30 pack of keystone and just drink the entire case watching the sun go down, saying nothing to anybody. Just sit there, drink and stare.. TPB's so real to me for better or worse. But I would like to see the boys branch out and do other things I guess.

infinite zest - 2015-05-05
In all honesty I wanted it to end in some horrific but logical way, kind of like how Seinfeld ended with them going to jail, or better yet Todd Margaret, which I won't spoil. Sorry if I spoiled Seinfeld. But hey, a man's gotta eat. And drink. And smoke. And think of all the cats.

hammsangwich - 2015-05-04
This looks more like something from The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour.
yogarfield - 2015-05-04
damn, he got fat.
Fur is Murder - 2015-05-04
He's speaking Lahey.
Robin Kestrel - 2015-05-04
Similar to Goldthwait.

Bort - 2015-05-04
I always figured Patrick Stewart would be more eloquent.
infinite zest - 2015-05-05
I think I probably saw it on here, but


I would love nothing more than Dunsworth and Stewart to perform in some play together.

infinite zest - 2015-05-05
Also somebody told me that he does not drink and has never had a sip of alcohol. Even after 3 or 4 beers I still can't act drunk. I mean, that's like if Cheech and Chong never smoked weed.

yogarfield - 2015-05-14
reply to zesty that zesty will never see: the actor playing withnail was a teetotaler.

ashtar. - 2015-05-04
authentic frontier gibberish
The Mothership - 2015-05-04
I'm glad that these children were here to hear it.

M-DEEM - 2015-05-04
Obviously this man has just completed the bleu portion of the 2015 Paris color run and is eloquently utilizing Metropolitan French
magnesium - 2015-05-05
Save the Nova Scotia film industry or we'll lose high quality works like this one.
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