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Desc:contender for weirdest spider ever
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:Spider, weird, Assassin
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Comment count is 18
infinite zest
"pelican spider" - but don't let the name fool you." What's wrong with Pelicans? Isn't that what Pelicans do too? 5 for the guy's intensity and.. well, just a big A for effort!
infinite zest
also "quickly and stethaly"

I think he's kind of trying to channel Steve Irwin

infinite zest
Yeah.. it's like Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin and the guy from Garbage Day.

Nathan is a good balance.

infinite zest
This guy looks so much like one of my old bosses it's uncanny. Some of his videos have millions of more hits than Boxxy's Animalist videos. I'd love to make a living off of nothing but a cocktail of animal videos and, what do you think? Alcohol or cocaine? Or just au natural?

Boxxy's Animalist videos are still the king.

How's that cuddle cafe going, IZ? Do you think they'd allow you to film some videos there? It's not animals and cocaine, but I bet it would still make for good watching.

infinite zest
I haven't really started yet. I'm still in transition out of my current job.. which I'm not leaving completely.. and into my new one, so I'll probably start once I have my booking availability set in stone. It's pretty much like working at a salon. You have a chair, or in this case, a room, and people can bring in flash drives of their music, or anything that makes them comfortable. So if they wanted to film a session I'll bet it would be OK, but I don't think I could ask.. it is kinda weird though. Where I currently work, people take videos on their iPhones of my client and play them back.. obviously they're not putting them on Youtube but if the phone were to get stolen that's a major problemo.. or maybe not.. I think it's the same as the VA though

infinite zest
Then again, it seems like the kind of place that might want to do a reality tv show or web series: it's an interesting clientele: like all they want is a person to be with, talk or not.. and it's not like seeing a therapist. And the non sexual nature is interesting. Like, there's places for that here. Ron Jeremy actually has a sex club in Portland. Like, sex isn't guaranteed but you go there and there's back rooms to fuck in with other patrons, so if sexual interaction is what you're looking for it's not hard to find.

infinite zest
Oh weird. I hadn't looked up the Ron Jeremy club before. It's pretty much right across the river from Cuddle Up to Me. I sort of figured it'd be way out somewhere where they have all the strip clubs where you can fuck the dancers.. sounds like there's a strict dress code.. I wonder why nobody's done the same thing for dirty hipsters like me? Bathrooms and traintracks aren't as comfy as a bed, except she lives with some bitch who treats me like I'm gonna steal all her adderol.

"crazy eyes" tag
That guy

Is this a parody of Nat Geo? Because it's brilliant if it is.
infinite zest
Remember when all your "cultured" friend's parents had National Geographics instead of Peoples and Harpers instead of Newsweeks lying around the house?

elmo oxygern
assassin spiders are awesome but fuck this guy
Is there a video I can watch to get the information without having to watch this piece of shit?

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