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Desc:Come on down to Big Hanks where you'll leave with...well see for yourself
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:troll, riff raff, waka flocka flame, big hank, used car salesman
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Comment count is 13
blue vein steel
5 for Riff Raff, America's most dedicated troll
this one of those "it's not funny so it's funny" things?
sometimes i wonder if you really never had anybody in your life to tell you "shut the fuck up, you're boring the god-damned pants off everyone around you".

i say this with love.

that wasn't comical either

i wasn't being comical, i was being real.


oh shit, things got realz!



American Standard
I don't get it. Should I know this guy? Is he big on Vine or something?
infinite zest
He's a rapper on Diplo's Mad Decent label; Diplo is more famous for Major Lazer, which RR is also a member of. For lack of a better analogy is like an electro reggae Gorillaz. It's a little novelty at times but good at parties and such.

gonna get mad

gonna get real mad
Prickly Pete
I found that legit funny. As if leaving with (SPOILERS) 1/2 a tank would be a good selling point. How delightfully absurd! Easily amused? You betcha!
infinite zest
Big Trap Dog gets my stars. I kind of like Riff Raff. He's like a real life J-roc but he's got some serious talent to back it up.

"Might install a Versace money counter next to my codeine fountain" and "a so la ma Akam I can't eat bacon" are a few memorable lines of his

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