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Desc:The Old '96er
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Dan Aykroyd, vore, John Candy, The Great Outdoors
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infinite zest
I knew a guy who completed the saylers 72 oz challenge and then ordered a 16 oz too. We were pretty high wen we went.
This is one of those movies that has no right to be as entertaining as it is.
infinite zest
I like the attempt at a Yello Oh Yeah soundalike.

"Attempt at a Yello Oh Yeah soundalike" is a musical genre I usually appreciate.

"Attempt at a M.A.R.R.S. Pump Up the Volume soundalike" is usually pretty good, too. Outside of Seinfeld, lazy early 90s comedy synth scores in general are pretty underappreciated compared to the attention horror and softcore scores of the same sort are getting right now. Not that that's particularly surprising, bad comedy anything is about the most hardcore form of bad media, you really have to have a masochistic streak to get very deep in to it.

CLARIFICATION: I'm not saying this movie is in the same class as the stuff I'm talking about, it's definitely dumb and lazy and a guilty pleasure but it's nowhere near the level of the shit I was digressing about there. I'm talking, like, Ski School II or Hollywood Hot Tubs II or Fast Getaway or something.

Or any comedy that was associated with New Concorde or New Horizons.

The Mothership
Dan Aykroyd looks just like Sleasy P. Martini in this.
There's a log-cabin-like restaurant just north of Chicago that I like quite a bit. Whenever I'm trying to explain its decor to people who haven't been there, I use this scene as reference. Portions are pretty big, but no old '96er.
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