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Desc:In which Asterix and Obelix must obtain Permit A38 in The Place That Sends You Mad.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:70s, France, animation, Asterix, bureaucracy
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Comment count is 12
This movie and this bit especially is a big part of my childhood.

Also, how on earth does someone think they're Napoleon when Napoleon has not been born yet?
Just. That. Crazy.

>> Also, how on earth does someone think they're Napoleon when Napoleon has not been born yet?

I think it may be a stylistic choice. From what I recall about the comic books, Asterix was rife with anachronisms and historical inaccuracies, which, along with puns, accounted for a large part of its humor.

Or should I say, "humor", because there's nothing funny about historical inaccuracies!

I've thought way too much about how this movie is structured. There's three ways to divide the tasks.


The first eleven tasks appear to take place over the course of a single day, so it's only natural that the sixth task - to eat a massive meal by Calorifix the Gallic chef - is essentially Obelix's lunch.


Every fourth act is bigger, longer and grander than the others. Task Four is a Fantasia-esque musical sequence wherein Asterix and Obelix are tempted by the beautiful siren-like priestesses of the Isle of Pleasure (they escape because Obelix is a boor who wants boar and gets booted out). Task Eight is the Place That Sends You Mad. Task Twelve is the grand finale: the Roman Circus Maximus, to which the entire indomitable Gallic village is subjected.


On top of that, the tasks are divided into four trios of thematically linked tasks. First are the Sportsmen - a sprinter, a javelin thrower and a wrestler. Next are the Specialists - the aforementioned priestesses of pleasure, a supernaturally skilled hypnotist and the overly gung-ho Chef Calorifix. Third are the Places - the (particularly surreal) Cave of the Beast from which nobody has returned, the Place That Sends You Mad, and an invisible tightrope over a river filled with crocodiles (the latter donated by Cleopatra). Last are the Roman Tasks - tasks connected to Roman culture. First of these is a riddle given by an old man on a mountain. This task turns out to be an ad campaign for the laundry detergent of the gods - and is indeed observed by the Roman gods themselves (who do indeed use the detergent), including a stark naked Venus. Next is to spend a night on a battlefield haunted by the ghosts of a fallen Roman legion. Last is, as mentioned above, the Roman Circus Maximus.
As a budding screenwriter, I rather enjoy this interpretation. Whether or not it was intended, it's fun food for thought.

There is also YET ANOTHER way to look at this movie:

It's a kids cartoon, fucking grow up.

Stars for oddeye! HE knows what it's all about.

Binro the Heretic
Ignore oddeye. Their enjoyment gland is atrophied.

It's weird to hear those in english.

Even the newer movies, the voice actors are not the same as for these original movies and while they sound close, always sound a bit alien.

How much of an impact did these movies have in the english world?
Not too sure, let me ask a bunch of adult babies that can't movie past the stage of life that let them suck on thier mother's fat tits.

oddeye, Cool Cat would like to have a word with you about being a bully.

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