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Desc:Kirk goes mano-a-mano with a guy in a rubber suit.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Star, Trek, Kirk, gorn, captain
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Comment count is 28
By far the best action sequence in television history
Gorn. Gooooorn. That has a rather woody sound to it. Not tinny at all.
Turkish Star Wars = American Star Trek
No amount of hissing or smoker's cough is gonna make that believable.
j lzrd / swift idiot
What, no kiss?
Jacques Strap
TNG needed more of this
Holy wow! No wonder this franchise is so popular!
This ain't got nothing on "Spock's Brain"
Herr Matthias
Watch as Kirk defeats a clumsy, slow-moving reptile by clapping his ears.
It sounds like my grandmother in the last years of her life.
Back when ships where duranium and men were tritanium alloy... or something.
I like to show this to my Acting 100 class.
Man, fuck a bunch of Gorn!
Why doesn't he just bite Kirk
Coz it's mouth doesn't open: it's makeup.

Not as great a moment as when the dwarf rides Kirk like a pony in Plato's Stepchildren, but still A+
Slowest punches ever. What would those have even accomplished if they had landed?
Where does The Gorn shop? I like his outfit.
I am bombing this rating
You're a douche.

-1 for The Gorn not crushing Kirk in the bear hug, and Shatner surviving the paper mache stone.
a flaming monkey
This has aged sooooooo well.
Kirk should use the lightsaber he seems to be carrying.

Also, I want a looped video or gif of 'gorn getting hit with a rock.'
Spastic Avenger
Give me this over fucking headbumps any day.
You gotta understand some context here. Kirk does not want to fight this thing. He doesn't even know what it is or why he has to fight it. He's trying to be peaceful.

Plus,...... ok you're right, it's pretty awful.
John Holmes Motherfucker
He's not trying to be peaceful, not yet, he nearly tore the Enterprise apart chasing this sunuvabitch over some uncharted territory.

I've always been a fan of the Star Trek movies, but since getting HULU plus (It's 2014) I've been watching A lot of Star Trek TOS for the the first time since before most of you were born. It's amazing how much of this cheesy crap you see, yet it's also amazing how often it transcends this cheesy crap. The real hero of Star Trek isn't James T Kirk, it's Willaim Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForrest Kelly, struggling to weave corn into gold, and succeeding often enough that when they failed, you were still rooting for them.

I love the incredulous look on chatners face. "So Im supposed to pretend this thing is real?"
John Holmes Motherfucker
It occurs to me: There are times when my cat looks like a puppet. There's really no reason why a real extraterrestrial wouldn't look like a guy in a shitty costume.
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