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Desc:In a very special episode, Clarence addresses his father abandonment issues.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:clarence, my buddy, little buddy
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Comment count is 15
Reminder that Skyler Page based Clarence off himself.
Maggot Brain
Didn't get the ax from his job for wanting to take big, honking, bites out of women's asses?

infinite zest
I think that was Jian Ghomeshi. Page left because CN raped his show.

infinite zest
Oh wait.. The "censored" kiss thing was after Page was fired.. Nevermind!

I recently was in introduced to this show. Its awesome. CN is definitely in another golden age thanks to this Over the Garden wall Gumball and Steven Universe.
infinite zest
I don't mean it in a condescending way, but it's the most "kid"'show on there. And by that I mean that Beavis and Butthead was the most "teen." I wish wish wish this show existed when I was a kid but I can't get into it the same way as I can the other shows you mentioned because I'm a grumpy adult now and can't relate.

The one where he is in the waiting room trying to avoid the temptation of the candy jar was quite incredible.

infinite zest
Ha! I actually can relate to that. I was at the vet and they had a big thing of jolly ranchers. I only like the green ones so I was plotting out my mission to get as many green ones as possible as soon as the receptionist wasn't looking :)

this show is great

also fewer people seem intent on masturbating to it so that's kind of a plus
That's not so much a factor. I've accepted the inevitable of the internet long ago.

Fewer than *what*, is the question.

56 entries on Paheal; fewer than Dominion Tank Police, yet more than Mitt Romney or Stimpy the Cat. When you consider that this show is still fairly new, that is not a bad showing, and evidence that there is a rapidly growing community of Clarence-masturbators.

how long until the transformation fetishists turn him into a walrus and use the teeth as fuck handles

*whispers towards viewer from inside diapered kangaroo stomach* it's worth it

infinite zest
I tried Rocco's Modern Life and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and nothing.

infinite zest
Oh never mind, was searching wrong.. Rocko's 330 but Monsters is a mere 38!

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