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Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:metal, satan, granny, Deep Web
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mom's off her meds again
The sequel to Rubber Johnny?
oh wow cheesy "spooky" footage merged with music of some form?? WHO HAS DONE THIS BEFORE

I think you're misinformed. This footage was dug up from the deep web. A web used by drug dealers, terrorists, child pornographers, cannibals, and a lot of supernatural stuff seems to happen there as well. Its best just to stay away.

The deep web's not that bad. It seems scary at first, but that's just a facade to keep the n00bs away - once you start hanging out with terrorists and child pornographers, you'll discover that they're just regular people, no different from everyone else.

Well, I mean a few of them are reptilians, but MOST of them are just regular people.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Does this mean I'm going to die in seven days?

No, you're thinking of The Ring. That is a movie. Dying is seven days is the premise of a movie.

THE Ring? Bitch please... The American remake is balls compared to the original.

Darn it, Brainguy! Quit clowning around and give Mike his movie!
Really? Nobody?

2:06 to 2:08
Darth Sidious's music career never really took off
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