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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Anime, anime that doesnt suck, Lupin the Third
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Comment count is 16
David Tennant really ought to star in the live action version.
infinite zest
Hmm.. live action? I like Lupin but live action anime rarely works, with the possible exception of Casshern, which.. sort of did.. maybe..

Anyway this looks like a good reboot in a week of seeing shitty-looking reboots on this site.

Fair enough, maybe a live action movie would be a bad idea (as inevitable as it seems). Still, you gotta admit, David Tennant would look perfect for the part.

The perfect Lupin movie has already been made, and even a giant grocery bag full of David Tennants isn't going to improve on Castle of Cogliostro.

Am I allowed to question who built the machinery capable of flooding an ancient Roman city, or why they would do that at all? I do love Cagliostro, but I find I have to fast-forward past the big whiz bang ending. Rings, clock, squirp, -- fastforward -- reunions, goodbyes, chase, credits.

infinite zest
Ooo I had to look up David Tennant too.. I thought maybe he was the English voice actor or something.. yeah.. he's good looking but I'd go with James McAvoy and that's not just because of my mancrush.

Reefer Fez
Lupin the Third live action did you say?


That's some, uh, peculiar casting for Arsenne Lupin.

Can anyone ID the motorcycle?

Figured the cars to be a 1970 Plymouth road runner and an early model fiat 500 abarth.
Guessing it's a 1970ish Ducati 900SS.

Holy shit that's some awful animation and shameless ripping off of the Cowboy Bebop opening.
I'm also impressed with the various displays of skill:

Lupin: daredevil driving

Jigan: marksmanship

Goemon: mastery of the katana

Fujiko: stripping

This is something "The Castle of Cagliostro" did much better: Fujiko was in there too, but as a spy / mercenary rather than eye candy.

Sanest Man Alive
Well, if you wanna use that kind of talk, Cowboy Bebop "ripped off" Lupin III first when it wasn't ripping off any number of Yakuza dramas, so this would just be collecting dues.

I love them both, but you'd be blind not to see where Bebop got much of its inspiration.

I think Lupin now has a 2nd woman that so far seems more peer than eye candy.


What? I'm jus' talkin' 'bout Lupin.
Binro the Heretic
Ultra-hi-def hairy knuckles!
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