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Desc:Sorry, couldn't find a clip without Kevin Smith and Paul Dini talking over it.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Fashion
Tags:Harley Quinn, days of our lives, Arleen Sorkin
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Comment count is 12
So, Harley Quinn: sexiest Batman villain, or sexiest villain, period?
I heard they invented Harley to make the Joker look less gay.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Is that the dad from the Nanny? Because I fucking hated that show and this looks equally awful.

I will never understand the popularity of daytime television.
Even by Soap Opera standards this show seems really bizarre. When I was looking for this clip a few years ago, I found out that some other character at the time had a time machine and got lost, but could appear to Arleen Sorkin's character only and wore clothes from whatever period he was stuck in...or something.

If I can find it, I'll submit it.

il fiore bel
Ha... you think that's weird... try sitting through the Reilly years.

That guy
You shouldn't even ask forgiveness for Kevin Smith, but at least we can't see him in his hockey mumu.
I hate Kevin Smith so much. He's overrated as a director and the only people who think he's great are nerds and people from New Jersey.

Doc Victor
So, basically Kevin Smith?

Rodents of Unusual Size
Just reading the wikipedia entry for "Tusk" made me never want to watch another movie by him ever again.

infinite zest
Aw.. I kinda liked Tusk, kind of like how I liked Drag Me To Hell. I guess I just like seeing bad things happen to the "I'm a Mac" Guy.

If you were a sonar based life form, this absolutely would be the same as seeing him in his hockey mumu.

il fiore bel
Five for vintage Days.

............................who are you to judge me?
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