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Desc:The classic award winning short film featuring Chinaman, Booji Boy, General Boy, and of course DEVO
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:Devo, de-evolution, Booji Boy, general boy, ann arbor film festival
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Comment count is 7
fedex - 2015-11-04
love the stocking-head trio
Scrimmjob - 2015-11-04
When I was in high school I became obsessed with Devo, and "The Truth about De-evolution" was the holy grail. It was a little while before the time when everything was instantly available online, and it took a lot of work finally getting a VHS rip of the Devo laserdisc. When I finally saw it, I realized that I had seen every part of it, just cut up in pieces. I was disappointed, but the VHS also had "The Men Who Make The Music" on it, which was some other shit I'd never seen, or ever knew I was looking for, so it was still totally worth the search.
Old_Zircon - 2015-11-04
It was El Topo for me. Took for fucking ever, eventually a friend of mine moved to New York and got a job a Kim's Video and we all got to watch it finally. I think that the instant availability of this stuff is mostly good, if only because it makes it a bit harder for middlebrow artists to make a career out of plundering material from superior obscure artists without getting called on it, but I do miss the thrill of hunting for stuff.

Scrimmjob - 2015-11-04
Yeah, I had seen a pretty decent transfer of El Topo within a week of hearing of Jodorowski. When you finally saw it, was it worth all the bullshit? Or was the chase better than the catch?

In order to get the Devo VHS, I went through a bunch of failed attempts, and then finally a cool dude who worked at the record store made a trade with someone to help me out. It stands as one of the coolest things someone I barely know has ever done for me. The quest for shit like that is sadly lacking nowadays.

Boomer The Dog - 2015-11-05
It's Dog movies and TV for me, trying to acquire titles I'd only heard about or had seen on TV as a younger pup and the vaguest memories of, no names, just remembering a scene or two like it was a dream.

Some of my best finds had been in the VHS era and post VHS, in cheap supermarket tapes and in thrift stores, where I got stuff like Chomps and Toby Terrier official tapes. Distributors seemed to be putting out anything they could find and license, so many of the after school movie specials were put out.

I got Dog Trouble, where a kid gets turned into a Border Collie to learn a valuable life lesson.

Bit Torrent came out right around the time we first got high speed, and I was on it every single night getting this stuff, not that there was even a lot on BT ten years ago, but oh boy, Demonoid was the best open BT site for obscurities and B-movies over popular stuff, and I loved it!

Current swap list - needed:

Dog's Best Friend, a Family Channel produced movie with a talking Labrador, seemingly Babe-themed, talking animals and a farm, 1999? Never saw it, just the ad for it.

Gaines Burgers TV ad featuring Murray The Pointer, as a live action brown and white Pointer Dog costume with face paint and cartoony voice, talking about how great the Burgers are, and to feed them to your Dog, 1986. I think I saw nearly the whole thing once, then a half of it, and never again. There's also a version with a female Dog like Murray, but she's more furry, and I saw that one for 5 seconds one time.

McGurk, A Dog's Life, 1979 TV show pilot, Norman Lear's idea for a sitcom featuring the whole cast as Dogs. Has been described by a friend as '... cocaine'. I've seen a bit of the promo posted here, and have had the promotional picture from the TV magazine since then.

Other non-Canine ones that it took years to see were The Rutles movie, All You Need Is Cash, and the Negativland movie with the parakeet feathers and 'David, Fetch my cigarettes' on it. I have both of those now.

Here's Boomer, 1980-'82 official English releases. At least I have two of these, recreated with German videos and my audio cassettes from TV put together.


EvilHomer - 2015-11-05
I love the way you solved your "Here's Boomer" problem (any plans on uploading them to YT?), and I'll keep an eye out for those other ones, Boomboom.

Incidentally, I submitted a dog video the other day, but I think it died in the hopper. You might enjoy it: it's called "Begin Japanology: Dogs"


The last ten minutes are incredibly sad and difficult to watch, but it's a good documentary if you like dogs. ALSO! I don't want to give too much away, but there's a gadget I think you'll LOVE. Skip ahead to 4:30 - and you're welcome! :D

Boomer The Dog - 2015-11-05
Hi Homer, yes, the audio came from cassettes I recorded from when I watched Here's Boomer on TV in its original run. Luckily the German videos were the same cut as the American ones, so my soundtrack just laid right in, with a little bit of speed correction.

I didn't actually save the final video from the editor at that point, only the audio track that I'd synced. The German video was Xvid, so I simply muxed my audio track in it with V-Dub, which means there's not further loss from compressing the video again.

I put both of the episodes on my user/boomermutt channel on Ytube, Boomer And The Bucketeers and Musket Cove Treasure, with the pirate who played the animal vet in Cannonball Run.

Thanks for that video link, I'll have to see it. I haven't been over to the hopper for a while.


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