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Desc:5:15 is a good place to skip to if you're impatient.
Category:Stunts, Religious
Tags:Heaven, evangelicals, dmt, head injury, dramatic reenactment
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exploded on fire
It's Harvey Dent!
yeah dawg
"Throne room" - details!
infinite zest
Good use of the DMT tag, but I smoke it quite a bit and I never get that sort of feeling that Shulgin, McKenna etc. or this guy describe. With me it's more like a lot of shapes, and seeing through the shapes.. uhh.. DMT's hard to describe but I've never had a spiritual connection on it, which I usually have on Psilocybin and Ayahuasca. DMT's effect is something that occurs naturally in the brain though when you're sleeping, so maybe it just depends on your ontological makeup.
It's pretty well established at this point that your brain just sprays DMT all over the place during a near-death experience though, right?

Also ayahuasca is DMT.

DMT plus an MAOI to make your ody respond to oral administration.

Assuming the dosages were calculable, I would think you could probably just eat some straight DMT and Parkinson's meds and have the Ayahuasca experience without the projectile vomiting.

LMAO, yes, Zirc, DMT is how your brain marks its territory, like a cat, when threatened. I am in tears.

infinite zest
True, DMT is a part of Ayahuasca; maybe it's the order I tried them in, which was mushrooms, then a well-planned-out Ayahuasca trip, and now I just smoke DMT once in a while because it's a really quick trip

Could be that when you eat it you have a lot more time to actually experience it happening? I don't know, I've never done any of that stuff (except mushrooms a few times in college).

That guy
Those reenactments are dramatic!
Seriously. You have weird visions which clearly aren't true every single time you go to sleep. They're called dreams. Apparently a regular dream is fake, but a dream you have right before you're about to die is special, because GODJESUS??????

How else would you explain godjesus keeping him alive to tell all of us his experience?

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