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Desc:TI talks to crazy/high lady. Remarkable conversation follows. (We get gift cards?)
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:insanity, Gang stalking, gift cards, NAPPY HEAD ROOTS
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Comment count is 4
Anagramother - 2016-01-20
There's a few moments when cameraman seems like he's trying to actually make a friend. It'd be funny if the basis of a friendship was just entertaining his delusion that they are agents monitoring him that talk shop with him.
ashtar. - 2016-01-20
We get paid in gift cards? Why has Control not told my Section Officer about this?
kamlem - 2016-01-21
I'm not sure I would be standing so close to people I claim to believe are government hired assassins.
Monkey Napoleon - 2016-01-21
I imagine the desire to hang around people who will happily feed your delusions easily trumps spurious concerns for your own safety in a lot of cases.

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