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Desc:An hour and a half of Triumph on the road with the presidential candidates.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:robert smigel, Triumph, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Mike Huckabee, SHUCK FULU
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Link in case Hulu breaks the site:

That guy
2 words: wheelchair lady
That guy
I fell asleep late last night during Tim Meadows' introduction, but now I'm rewatching, and he crushes it.

That guy
Cringe Factor V

Masturbating Bear must be pissed he never got the call.
No, he got the call. But he couldn't get to the phone in time to answer it.

This happens to him a lot.

infinite zest
Almost loses a star because Funny or Die, but it's good to see Triumph back to being himself instead of that awful sitcom.
infinite zest
Ooooops I thought I was commenting on the University clip; I plan on watching this whole thing later. Hulu's annoying but Hulu Plus is pretty cool, no commercials. I'm currently using someone's Plus account and I can't even remember who's; chances are someone you know has it and won't mind sharing. But it said this special was halfway watched so it'd be pretty obvious if I watched it now.. :(

this is really funny
No lie. It really is.

Oh my. The entire segment where he harasses Ted Cruz because Cruz was such a poor sport was fucking *golden*.

Man, I do *not* get why Cruz is at all successful. I understand that some people might like his neanderthal views, but the man himself is repulsive and oozes dishonesty. If you're attracted to a slimy evangelical right-wing candidate, why not support Huckabee, who at least sorta seems sincere? (I know, he isn't, but at least he's a better actor than Cruz.)

That guy
The right is so amazing that, only a few years later, it can have most people wishing for the disgusting righty candidates from only a few short years ago because they're less disgusting.

He's oily and phony and being vigorously backed by elements of the Neo-con GOP establishment, the think-tank wonks and "media advisors" and other parasites with sinecures, the guys who thought Jeb! probably had the nomination in the bag back at the beginning.

Credit to Cruz, no matter how hard they tried to make him look ridiculous he completely outdid them by signing that gun.

Also, is anyone else getting Christian Mingle commercials on this?

Why does his band have to blatantly show the outline of their package at 5 minutes? FIVE STARS.
As thoroughly as I'm enjoying this I also kind of feel bad for the children of about 90% of the people in this. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if the whole world saw your parents supporting Trump.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Cruz looks like he's about to lose it. I actually like Huckabee a little better now, though he's not funny,

The fake Fox news reporters were my favorite part.

I'm going to make a video about how I can only get Poetv on my phone. I'm wondering if anyone else is having problems with Time Warner. I spent about an hour trying to submit this, and it had already been submitted.
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