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Desc:'imagine ren and stimpy's feet stomping on a human face - forever' -- NewHeavenSockman
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:Crap, awful cartoons, bad jokes, Horrible cartoon infinity, jim norton
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Comment count is 9
somedongus - 2016-03-02
More like Fuckin' garbage.
Redford - 2016-03-02
It's not supposed to be funny, so clearly this is what it makes it funny.

snothouse - 2016-03-02
Multiple people thought this was funny enough to make.
Maggot Brain - 2016-03-02
Makes "Uncle Mingle" look like comedy gold.
lotsmoreorcs - 2016-03-02
Well did ya ever go to sleep with Bo Derek, and wake up with Bo Diddley?
Well didjeh ever go to sleep with BO Day-rack, and wake up with Bo-Diddeledee?


Will did ya ever go to sleep with BO DEREK
And wake up with BOOO DIDDLEY?!?!?*

*little jimmy loves trannies
Gunny McRifleson - 2016-03-02
This works in 10 second bursts on radio. I don't know how Jimmy thought this shit would be funny for 5 minutes. Also, he's trying to raise 200K to make 6 more of these.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-03-02
It's definitely the wrong direction. He has a lot of comedic talent and he's a vulgar stand up comedian with a following. He should make a push for comedy films or making comedy skits. He is so much better suited to that format.

Nominal - 2016-03-03
It's not just the length. It has almost nothing to do with the radio Chip Chipperson character. The whole point is he's a dumb deluded wigger who thinks he's hilarious completely missing the point of jokes. This is just him doing the voice for Ren & Stimpy meets Clerks as written by a frat boy.

I can't think of a single scripted Norton moment I've laughed at. He's much better off the cuff on the radio than any of his stand up routines.

chumbucket - 2016-03-04
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