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decoy - 2016-03-07

The full 'Ripoff Report: Investigates' trailer for more courtroom footage of Nick scowling at the judge http://www.ripoffreport.com/investigates/coming-soon

Hooker - 2016-03-07

I honestly think I could masturbate to footage of Nick during sentencing.

Cena_mark - 2016-03-07

I never kept up with the Corky saga like others did, but now I'll be able to see it as part of this web series with an awesome narrator.

EvilHomer - 2016-03-07

Corky Saga was great. I'm proud of the small but significant role I played in it, and am eagerly looking forward to seeing Nick's adventures narrated by an Emmy-Award winning crew of investigative journalists.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2016-03-07

People, this is as close to the big time as Corky is every going to get. I hope he enjoys his millisecond in the sun. And I submitted that screaming cigarette-wielding woman's video to POETV! I feel like a celebrity myself.

My former boss was actually featured on this site. Richard Low, utter megalomaniac and hero in his own mind. Needless to say, don't go to work for this guy, though maybe you should consider it if you're Argentine. They seemed to last longer over there. He was no more crooked than the average employer in BA, really, just a lot egotistical and control-freakish:

http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Dr-Richard-Low-Dr-Ricardo-Low-/C anoga-Park-California-91303/Dr-Richard-Low-Dr-Ricardo-Low-Ricardo- Mario-Low-corrupt-Argentina-cheats-emplo-1060617

jangbones - 2016-03-07

I would like to point out that in the trailer's official description, they call him Corky.

Also good to see that they include clips from his acting reel. That is an absolute necessity.

memedumpster - 2016-03-07

This is a trailer for a series that doesn't exist on an exhibit that we've basically compiled all the data on.

That is a BS poeTV ripoff site with no content, and there should be a site to report this so-called "Ripoff Report" to for being a rip off.

If this is actually going to be a new mainstream form of our standard trash entertainment, the one on Crazy Gail and Chris Chan will probably change media forever.

gmol - 2016-03-08

Wasn't there some dramatica like site that would get relayed back to poetv? Not sure poetv can take credit here...I am not sure if "corky" was even coined here.

Anyone care to correct?

EvilHomer - 2016-03-08

Nick's got a large fanbase spread out across Youtube and the wider internet. He was heavily involved in various YT vlogging communities (smalltime channels like HappyCabbie, Agent of Doubt, and G4T, all the way up to Stefan Molyneux) which helped his exposure. He was on ED, too, but ED lost interest in him a few years ago. The hardcore Cokynistas - the ones who tracked his every move, and eventually uncovered both his scams, and the scams of the lawman who brought him to justice - mostly hung out at Nick Bravo fan forums of their own creation. The current Official Fansite is here:


And the ED page (potentially NSFW, hasn't been updated in awhile but still contains documentation pertaining to Mr Bravo's early career) is here:


Monkey Napoleon - 2016-03-08

Ripoff Report used to be a fairly active customer review site before things like yelp really blew up. It was especially useful as a resource on scammy job postings.

Their wheelhouse is scams, and I assume click-bait "news articles" is less of a sideline for them now that there are more efficient platforms to bully businesses into fair behavior.

yogarfield - 2016-03-08

Just a reminder: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/wwwpoetvcom/everett-Washington-98206 /poetvcom-POE-News-Miss-leading-website-gang-stalkingfalse-product sdis-informationga-787264

Scrimmjob - 2016-03-08

poetv.com is a place where if you are a person who is interested in participating in or adding to the covering up process of ANY criminal behavior you are welcome. The people who subscribe to this network including but not limited to: Fark.com, POE News, criminal gangstalking, gangs of cover up criminals, gangstalkers are also slowly but surely being tied into the smiley face gang.

It is of the obligation of this organization to report that this site is a ground of recruiting criminally minded people interested in the concepts of ganging or gang stalking in order to successfully achieve their criminal goals.
They recruit people all over for gangstalking activities which include the range of small to large criminal actions. From ripping off a old lady apartment while 10 people stand guard at every possible angle of discovery to engaging in the mass saturation of a persons life and destroying them for profit. This site engages in all the above. This site must be shut down immediately for the sake of humanity.

When do we get a documentary?

memedumpster - 2016-03-08


When the hell will people answer our ad? We've had that up there forever now.

yogarfield - 2016-03-08

Somebody here had to write that. Links to the smiley face gang? That's GAMMA-level clearance, and I demand to know who flipped.

yogarfield - 2016-03-08


Stars because my brain converts this into "ONE WEIRD TRICK THAT WILL GET YOU INTO JAIL!!".

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