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Desc:(Enable Subtitles) 'Act like this spicy soup is your older brother, Oniichan' http://4NN.cx/.99601
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:commercial, Japan, SFW fetish, cup ramen, oniichan
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Comment count is 9
ashtar. - 2016-03-13
This is one of the least attractive things I've ever seen. I'm pretty happy about that reaction.
sasazuka - 2016-03-13
I didn't have space to explain the link in the description but it's to Anime News Network's article showcasing every commercial in this campaign, where sexy actresses, models (one doing catgirl cosplay), and idol singers all humiliate themselves in one way or another while eating this spicy noodle soup.


Maybe I should put the "SFW Fetish" tag on?
SolRo - 2016-03-13
The Chinese and Japanese preference for 'cute' over 'sexy' is so...
baleen - 2016-03-13

Ugh - 2016-03-14
and yet none of them do the godawful baby voices as well as dick beals

Gmork - 2016-03-14
What are you talking about? They _all_ do the baby voice.

That guy - 2016-03-13
That's what you call crossing the line twice, except it went several miles past the second line.
Nikon - 2016-03-14
This was very charming and cute. Five stars for good.
Killer Joe - 2016-03-15
"Now, like it's your child. Same kinda tone though. We ARE Japanese after all."
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