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Desc:I didn't know this was such a thing
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:hollywood, Spanking, Spank, Spanky
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Born in the RSR
That one stands out to me too. In the other spankings, they either kiss afterward or everyone has a laugh, but, in the 3:27 one he punches her!

I didn't know this was such a thing either, yet I am not even slightly surprised. Not even slightly.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Red pill approved.
Robert Os-porn
Born in the RSR
I hadn't noticed the first time around but the preview image really sums up all the possible facial reactions you could have at watching this video.
From left to right: the critic, the lurker, the jealous, the angered, and the lusty perv

This is why stand your ground laws are important.
Crunchy Frog
I am shocked, absolutely *SHOCKED*, that someone could make a compilation like this and not include the spanking scene from the 1961 Elvis movie, Blue Hawaii.
Based on my experiences online, and despite the gains of the feminist movement, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more women fapping at this than men.
I would. Men are of the Beast Blood. Our desires are beyond measure or control.


This is just creepy.
It's not.
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