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Desc:a 'live-action harem anime parody' indiegogo. ladies in mild undress, so care watching at work
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Fashion
Tags:Anime, Weeaboos, indiegogo, harem anime, unfortunate shapes
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Comment count is 14
That guy
I can't even
Only mild undress? One star!
The male lead in this is a dead ringer both a creepy "erotic hypnotist" who produced massive amounts of hypnosis porn back in the PoE Red days AND for the kid in my high school who had a glass eye.

12 seconds I think. I'm not going back in to check.
That guy
Well, if you do, you'll determine if it's 5 for good camp or 5 for bad camp.......

Caminante Nocturno
That's how far I got, too. It would have been 10 seconds for me, but it took me two seconds to move my mouse to the pause button.

Makes one appreciate That Guy's taste in boobs.

I made it 5:00, at 3:35 it "broke" the "fourth" wall and got worse.
That guy
Hi, I'm Phil Hepfinger, the Director of Hen House Hustle.

thanks meme- I realized that the video truly begins at this point.

I made it all the way through with only one or two breaks, you amateurs.

I can't tell if the makers are clever enough to realize that, if you did this right, it could be incredible as an "adult swim" type show.
That guy
I think they realize that and I think they think that's what they're doing.

I find it tough to tell given what one can find on kickstarter. I could imagine it starting as a blatant homage and then evolving into something novel and beautiful.

The Mothership
Horrible. Just horrible.
Caminante Nocturno
Here are your goddamn stars. Take them, you monster.
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