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Desc:One of the finer commentaries on the pagan symbology of the Swiss Tunnel opening ceremony.
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:satanism, baphomet, Conspirasnark, Interpretive Dancing
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Comment count is 6
memedumpster - 2016-06-11
So, the Kroger stores here now have false voices that have inflections and tone on the u-scan machines to replace the toneless, soulless voices. I hate them. Every time it says "remove last item from the bagging area" it has this condescending, aggressive tone now. Since the machines fuck up and call for help constantly, checking out makes you have to be talked down to six or seven times per cart.

This video is that tone from one end to the other, it is the standard way humans now communicate. We have no way of speaking other than punchworthy anymore, as a culture.

U-scan violence is going to spike soon, I predict.
memedumpster - 2016-06-11
This is the proper response to the new u-scan.
http://www.fox19.com/story/32093072/man-stripped-naked-at-krog er-defecated-on-u-scan

RealmOne - 2016-06-12
The tone matches the man who includes a 10 foot Jesus punching Baphomet in the face in his animated introduction.

memedumpster - 2016-06-12
And, unfortunately, the YouTube comments as well.

Ugh - 2016-06-12
i think i'd be okay with everyone who commented being on a watchlist

Ugh - 2016-06-11
by allah's beard your christ is violent
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