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Desc:Unused idea from Transformers : The Movie
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Transformers, ultra magnus, braveheart, storyboards
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Comment count is 9
"No! You must never possess it! I'll divide it into four pieces and hide them across the cosmos!"

Firstly, I want to clarify something, since some people behind their mothers' basements sought and leaked amongst their kiwi grapevines, prevaricatively: unexpected last month, one of my credit account limits was raised, and I used half of it to catch up on the Combiner Set Collection catch-up. Bruticus. Plus, lovely female Autobots: Arcee, Chromium and Wingblade. And I gave the other half to my mother to help with the bills here.

Also, Fun: you're a male-born child with a mom and dad in the 80's, shortly after middle or end of Season Three Transformers G1. You want to play Transformers with your family, and Really want to include mom (and you Never got to even hear of the "Search for Alpha Trion" episode, much less the Orion Pax episode). What role can mom play; knowingly, you only can think of Arcee. While dad is the "Optimist" (pun intended), and you're Bumblebee. And the game is to spy on and take out the Decepticons in their current Energon-stealing scheme.

Well, more than three decades later: the transforming figure of Arcee is finally released, and with a deluxe Optimus Prime and Bumble figure, and Starscream, Megatron and Soundwave, the family game of yesteryears can Finally be played for real. Totes Sweet and Sparkles!
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Your credit account limit being raised is not like a windfall! You'll need to pay that back!
ai ai ai you Americans!!

Two of the most important things in my life thus far:

-no student debt.
-completely stopped using credit cards a decade ago.

These two things are absolutely integral to being able to live my lifestyle of choice (What the 90s called "techno-bohemian" and reality calls "underemployed, deadbeat, borderline electronics hoarder")

What I'm saying is, I take my decorating tips from the movie Hardware and my life choices from The Jerk.

Not having debt and shit you can't pay for is a sign of shame so strong that I was actually a bit horrified OZ would admit not using credit cards on poeTV.

I don't use them either, but you don't just say it. That's like admitting you wear Depends.

I admit that all the time! I have no credit score and no debt, because I never buy on credit. Also, I ride recumbent bicycles instead of owning a car and I don't use Facebook.

I don't see the shame in any of that.

These stars are just for the robot anus at the end
Needs a Leonard Nimoy tag.
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