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Desc:Documentary about the world of 'Competitive tickling'.
Category:Trailers, Sports
Tags:Trailer, documentary, scam, tickling, competitive
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Comment count is 14
I've been watching this whole thing unfold since it started out as a written article, David Farrier's an old internet acquaintance of mine from a long-expired NIN forum, and he's got a pretty good eye for things.

It's one of those documentaries that's hard to describe without giving too much information away, but it's so much weirder than you can imagine. I can't wait to see the film. There was an early screening in Philadelphia, but it sold out almost immediately - I meant to see if it was Jane O'Brien Media buying up all the tickets, like they were doing at film festivals earlier this year.

Subjects of the film showed up at screenings in the US, named the filmmakers in (now dropped) lawsuits, showed up at the LA debut and Q&A to make thinly veiled threats at one of the directors.

I seriously can't wait to see the film, and I'm pretty thrilled at all the great press it's been getting in the states.
That guy
Holy shit. I thought this would just be about what a silly, weird 'sport' it is, and the wacky people involved.

The trailer did its job. (Ok, it tickled my fancy. Just shoot me.)
Haha, you had this mockumentary coming, Scientology.
That guy

That guy
Unless you actually figured somehting out here, in which case: **********.

"NOT GAY" tag urgently required.

I can't wait to see this.
That guy
We desperately don't need your homosexualist comments.

Is "NOT GAY" a linked tag?

Very linked.

And this is exactly what it was invented for.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I don't know what it is about this particular fetish, but I get really creeped out by it. A lot. And I'm immune to almost anything.
wtf japan
I heard about competitive tickling on Dave Anthony's "The Dollop" podcast, and it's absolutely insane. I'm sure this doc is amazing.
Herr Matthias
Saw this the other day on my cable's on-demand service. Well worth 90 minutes. When it starts you think it's going to be this quirky, offbeat profile of a world most people aren't aware of, then it gets dark real quick.

Also unintentionally one of the best arguments for the estate tax I've ever seen.
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