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Desc:Mike and kevin riff on hot lashings of pornographic violence.
Category:Trailers, Humor
Tags:Mst3k, Matrix, mike nelson, kevin murphy, rifftrax
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Comment count is 26
rifftrax isn't quite as good as mst3k in it's heyday, but it's still a balm to us who miss it
Meatsack Jones
"Alright! Fine! We'll validate your parking you jerk!" Still they make me smile.
I dunno. It just isn't the same. Needs more/better writers? Still, beats doing RV shows, I guess.
both my hands are free for my mountain dew: code red was about the only funny line
Mostly this reminded me of how awesome the first Matrix was
was it always this bad? haven't seen mst since i was 17
Beyonce Knowles
Utterly unfunny, but a few stars for the actual movie.
UGH. I've heard better from the jerkasses who always sit behind me at the movies.
Throw the robots at the bottom & you gizz yourself & give it 5 stars. Don't be a baby.
Mr. Quibble
I guess you really can't go home again
I dunno..I liked it. A lot.
Of course you'll be disappointed if you expect MST3k
The whole MST3K idea was to make fun of shitty movies...
Many people are upset because Mike and Kevin said bad things about the Matrix.
To haters: Most MST3K's are almost unwatchable except for a few choice episodes. Also, Mike Nelson
Makes me laugh. But it needs a third riffer (Bill Corbet), too much time between riffs.
Um, this IS a shitty movie. Sorry you're the last to know, voodoo_pork.
murph the surf
They just need to hit harder. This is the ICP of movies in my opinion.
+1 star for the last joke
j lzrd / swift idiot
The Matrix was the Grand Theft Auto 3 of Movies These Days, and MST3K was before the internet was full of wit-spite. Keep hating, the only reason you're able to even see a video like this is because of the shoulders of the giants you're standing on.
What's with all the hate?
Rodents of Unusual Size
As much as this scene was full of deep, poignant metaphor, I'm going to have to admit that Mike Nelson entertains me far more than Bullet Cement Theater.
Not very funny.
FUCK YOU Sci-Fi Channel for murdering MST3K.
AND for not showing The Prisoner anymore.

fat nerds being retarded over a shitty movie. it is medically impossible to laugh at any of this without also becoming erect at the phrase "level five elf." the word "riff" is for guitars, not fat people.
Calamity Jon
Ffff fff ffffffff ffff ffffffffffff ffffff fffffffffffff ffffffffffffft!!!!

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