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Desc:The Asylum's latest Mockbuster... Ye Gods...
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:DC, rip off, ACTING!, The Asylum, Suicide Squad
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Comment count is 12
Forgot they were still in business.
Maggot Brain
Patrice O'Neal had a bit back in the day about the names of Asylum movies. I think he would have called this one "Bad Guy Team."
Every shot looks like it was filmed in the same room.
Caminante Nocturno
I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

Same gunshot, also. I've had that .wav for years myself.

wtf japan
Discount Diablo--he's almost as crazy as these prices!

Generique--can transform into an unsatisfying imitation of any trademarked superhero!


The Hamburgler--we're over budget!
The guy with the top hat. That alone makes this more entertaining than Suicide Squad.
Badguy Brigade

Asshole Assemblage

Liar Legion

Prick Platoon

The...um...The Douchebag...Team.



Okay you know what, this brainstorming session is cancelled. Let's just go pick out top hats.
Jerk Squad actually is pretty good.

Maggot Brain
It's too good. What about "Not The Guys You Call" or are they saving that for Ghostbusters?

Crap Cabal

Turd Team

Losers Lump

Wobble board.
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