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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:Inhumanoids, The Inhumanoids, Metlar, Dcompose, Tendril
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 14
There were soooooo many transformation fetishes in 80s cartoons.
Sorry, vore too. I forgot that Dcompose covered both.

List of 80s cartoons with crazy fetishes:

Inhumanoids- vore, transformation

Visionaries- enfeeblement, dude had a holographic gargoyle who life sucked people to age them into withered husks

Sectaurs- bondage, one episode was a siren spider who lured all the men into a web and the rest of the runtime was watching them squirm around in it

Spiral Zone- transformation? hypnosis? Corruption?

Evil....Horde....Slime Pit

Followed by all the transformation/giantess stuff in TMNT

Inspector Gadget was a constant stream of bondage, kidnapping, and DiD.

Rainbow Brite had soul-sucking and girl-on-horse.

GI Joe, the Baroness was clearly conceived as a femdom mistress.

He-Man: femdom and necrophilia.

Jem had bondage.

Pirates of Dark Water had tentacles and slime/ vore.

Heathcliff, furry.

Rescue Rangers, furry, shapeshifting, hypnosis, god knows what else.

And, according to the Fetish Fuel Wiki, at least one episode of Dinosaucers had a girl growing and shrinking.

I orgot there was a Sectaurs cartoon. That was one of those weird ones where the toys came first and the cartoon was spun off of their success rather than invented as an advertisement from the start. I never saw it.

Anyway, it seems pretty clear cut that a LOT of modern day fetishes are byproducts of marketing.

Didn't Rainbow Bright have that movie with the entire planet that was a mirror covered in giant mountains of white powder?

Cartoons were better with mythology, existential terror, and cocaine.

Rainbow BRITE. Not Bright. And you may be thinking of Spectra, which was actually a diamond planet, not a cocaine planet.

"Tendril, risen from the toy section to haunt your parents, until they have no choice but to buy you one that you will play with for 10 minutes and get bored with."
I knew a kid who had some of these.

Same kid who had Rock Lords.
And yes, he grew up to be a veritable Internet-on-the-hoof of oddly specific fetishes.

Caminante Nocturno
Metlar is legitimately offended that you fear death more than him.
The Mothership
This show man, I keep thinking I've repressed it all but every time I see a clip it comes roaring back.
This was my first exposure to Cthulhu Mythos-ey stuff back in the day.
Our public library had the unrated version of Reanimator on VHS so that was my introduction, watched the hell out of that every change I got in middle school. My parents both worked early so it was no problem to stay up late and watch all sorts of great exploitation stuff without scandalizing them.

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