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Desc:For worst movie ever week
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:San Francisco, Worst Movie Ever Week, Josh Hartnett, dot com boom
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Comment count is 8
Born in the RSR
Antitrust looks like a fucking masterpiece next to this. Jesus, no wonder poor Josh isn't around anymore.
Oh my christ yes. This was always near the top of my "worst movies ever that flew under the radar".

The script was written by a social cripple's imagination of a tech bro's social life.

Josh Hartnet's comedic skill and performance never deviates from an expression that looks like someone who has to take a diarrhea shit right at the same time they learn that their dog died. He sweats and mopes his way through the entire movie. COMEDY!

No seriously, the ENTIRE MOVIE is Hartnet sweating with constipated sad face.
Maggie Gyllenhaal alert
Sometimes the worst movies are the ones that don't seem like such obvious choices; the ones that seem like they'll be banal fluff but instead are really just rotten.

On the last night, he decides to wait for Shannyn Sossamon to come in and ties himself to the bed. His ex-girlfriend rapes him while he's asleep. This is treated as him cheating and is never called rape.
Sexy Duck Cop
so basically the core conflict of this film is "attractive person has to briefly live like the rest of us, does not like it"
The early 2000's flirtations with Josh's who couldn't act was truly inexplicable. Really loathed this movie when it came out, during a particularly barren and isolating stretch in college.
Please don't confuse this with 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, a supposedly great Romanian film about reproductive rights I someday will see.
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