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Desc:Best Movies Week. Michael Mann's 1st Directorial Feature plus the pinnacle of Tangerine Dream scores
Category:Classic Movies, Crime
Tags:tuesday weld, michael mann, chris penn, james caan, tangerine dream
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Comment count is 10

I can't believe I forgot to include this in my flood earlier. So good.
Surprised they'd release a movie with an un-ironically misspelled title...
Looks like I couldn't spell Tangerine in the tag correctly either. If I could fix that as well, I would. Thanks Web 1.0 interface!

Fixed that too. Disregard snark. Carry on.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but "James Cann" he is not.

Sure he Cann! Fixed.

Doc Victor
Michael Mann has a way of getting everything right.
Big Michael Mann fan here.

(Yes, I even liked Miami Vice and Blackhat)
not part of the Michael Mann cult but this movie is good
This movie doesn't really fit in with the rest of his stuff stylistically (and is much better). I do like Michael Mann but after this his stuff tends to be more flawed. Like, for example, Manhunter looks great and sounds great and Noonan is as great in it as he is in anything, but wow is that guy who plays the lead role not a good actor.

Heat is good but there's something about it that never quite grabbed me like it seems like it should have.

And to be honest I can't actully think of another Michael Mann move I saw and was impressed by, although I could be forgetting something.

Thief is WAY better than any of those.

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